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Mobile Marketing during the Christmas period

SMS marketing is often overlooked as a marketing tool, regarded as an intrusive aspect of marketing, yet what is often omitted is that SMS marketing is an opt-in channel. As consumers we are all familiar with the mobile network Orange …

Get your SMS Campaigns ready for Christmas

As the cold weather sets in and the leaves start to fall down from the trees, it gives us all a reminder that Christmas is coming and we businesses need to prepare for the festive season. 

With only a few …

10 Tips to Increase Your Mobile Engagement

Marketing and advertising used to be one-way streets, but that has all changed. Now marketing is all about engagement, involving the customer in the process; but that’s easier said than done.

TextAnywhere has based its business on engaging the end-user …

SMS Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

If you have been thinking about engaging in SMS marketing campaigns but need a bit more information first then read these benefits to find out why SMS marketing should be an essential part of your marketing strategy. 

SMS messages vs.

Send an SMS to Your Customers on Their Birthday

When targeting customers via an automated SMS service it is important to make sure that your messages sound personal and relevant to your customers. As human beings, we love to feel special and appreciated by others and what better way …

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