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What’s the future of SMS Marketing?

Text Messaging or SMS (Short Message Service) has come a long way since the first short message was sent back in 1992 from a computer. Fast forward twenty three years to 2015 and text messages are involved with our everyday

Maximise the return on investment this summer with SMS

Now school is out and summer has finally arrived, a lot of businesses can find the summer months slow down. Is it business as usual, do you kick back and relax, or do you take the opportunity to do something

How to Maximise your Survey’s Potential – Why SMS?


In a perfect world you’d know exactly what your customers were thinking and would be able to satisfy their needs. Sadly, unless you have super natural talents, things don’t work out that way and this is why you need …

How corporate companies use SMS marketing

SMS marketing is becoming one of the favourite marketing techniques used by all players on the market. Business text messaging is used by all types of companies, ranging from large multinational corporations with millions of customers to smaller companies trying …

Using Bulk SMS to Communicate with Employees

A lot of focus is placed on the many benefits and advantages of using SMS as a way of targeting customers. However, what a lot of companies tend to forget is that text messaging is a great tool to use …

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