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Mobile Marketing during the Christmas period

SMS marketing is often overlooked as a marketing tool, regarded as an intrusive aspect of marketing, yet what is often omitted is that SMS marketing is an opt-in channel. As consumers we are all familiar with the mobile network Orange …

How corporate companies use SMS marketing

SMS marketing is becoming one of the favourite marketing techniques used by all players on the market. Business text messaging is used by all types of companies, ranging from large multinational corporations with millions of customers to smaller companies trying …

Get your SMS Campaigns ready for Christmas

As the cold weather sets in and the leaves start to fall down from the trees, it gives us all a reminder that Christmas is coming and we businesses need to prepare for the festive season. 

With only a few …

5 benefits of using TextAnywhere’s SMS Marketing Service

There are many benefits of sending out Text messages for marketing purposes. There are definitely more than 5 however we would just like to list a few.

Range of services

We have made 7 different products available from TextAnywhere which …

5 tips on running a successful SMS Marketing Strategy

1.Free Trial:

With any new client, TextAnywhere offers a free trial to test our products. get an understanding of how SMS marketing works it capabilities and how it integrates with your overall mobile marketing strategy.

2.Segment your audience

SMS marketing …

Integrating Mobile into your Marketing Mix

Mobile Marketing can refer to one of two areas:

1) Traditionally it refers to marketing on, or with, a mobile device (ie: a mobile phone, smartphone or tablet). Some examples of this are:

– SMS promotions, advertising and offers.

– …

How does SMS Marketing improve my business?

The best advertising campaigns are the ones that make a great advert about a service or product that actually engages with its audience. The main drive behind an effective marketing campaign is communication and when considering a marketing strategy this …

Demystifying common Text Marketing Myths

There are a wide variety of falsities circulating the internet that paint SMS marketing in a bad light. Here we have listed some of them and will attempt to explain the reality behind the myth. 

1. SMS marketing is for young …

Using SMS Marketing to target young people

Text messaging has long been a popular method of communication for teenagers and young adults before its benefits were picked up on by users of older age groups. Therefore, if you are looking to target young people, it makes sense …

Why SMS is an effective strategy within mobile marketing

When it comes to creating a successful, well-rounded mobile marketing strategy, SMS marketing plays a vital role. This is due to the large number of benefits it carries when compared with similar marketing methods. But what is it exactly that …

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