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Integrating SMS into your software application – Why TextAnywhere?


As a Developer choosing the right SMS Service Provider is crucial when implementing your application. At TextAnywhere we recognise the importance of this and created our Developer Program.

The Developer Program is specially designed for clients who wish to

Avoid the cost of missed Health appointments with SMS technology

Recent research has revealed SMS Technology should be implemented to reduce the number of missed GP and outpatient appointments.  Figures show more than twelve million GP appointments are missed each year in the UK, costing in excess of £162 million

Why use TextAnywhere’s SMTP service?

TextAnywhere’s SMTP web service allows users to send SMS messages and receive replies from customers using any application that has an email sending and receiving capability. Here are some of the main features that we feel help our SMTP service …

The Benefits of Integrating TextAnywhere’s Web Service

While TextAnywhere strive to provide a range of products that suit the wide-ranging needs of our clients, we also understand that many of our customers require an SMS service that can function with their pre-existing or future websites and applications. …

Integrating Our SMS Gateway with Your Own Software Application

We offer several SMS marketing tools to our customers however, we know that the best solution for your company may be to use your own which is why we also make our SMS Gateway available through an API. The TextAnywhere …

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