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How Can Automotive Services Benefit from using SMS?

sms car edit

Feeling the pressure to remember important dates these days? You’re not alone, with increasingly busy lifestyles the distinct possibility of missing important dates including birthdays, appointments, expiry dates and delivery notifications is a real issue. Overlooking a date

SMS Marketing on Special Occasions and Holidays

One way to make your customers feel valued and keep them interested and loyal to your brand is to pay attention to the details. Their details that is.

The beauty of using text message services is that you can customise …

Pubs Drive Customers via SMS Marketing for the World Cup

The football season may now be over in the UK, but this summer we still have the drama and excitement of the World Cup to look forward to. Taking place between June 12th and July 13th, this four yearly-tournament will …

Choosing the Right Keyword for Your SMS Campaign

When setting up a short code for people to text in to, choosing the right keyword is essential to increase engagement and avoid confusion. Below are a few tips on what to think about when choosing your keyword:

Make it

5 Common SMS Marketing Mistakes

There are a few errors that many businesses tend to make when creating their SMS campaigns. Avoid doing the same by reading these 5 common marketing mistakes: 

1. Forgetting to put in a call to action: The call to action is …

Are you using SMS Marketing to its full potential?

While most businesses are now beginning to understand the benefits of SMS marketing, and the wider concept of mobile marketing as a whole, many are still unsure of how to use to its full potential. This post will give you …

How to use SMS marketing with confidence

SMS marketing is still a relatively new form of marketing and many businesses are yet to make use of it. Like all things new and different, that journey into the unknown can leave some companies with a lack of confidence …

How can we use SMS marketing during the Christmas period?

The festive season is the most financially lucrative period for many businesses from the small family-run shops to the large multi-national companies. The run up to Christmas is the ideal time to promote your company products and services to ensure …

10 Facts You Need To Know About Mobile


Here are ten interesting facts about the mobile industry to read before implementing your mobile marketing campaign:

1) Over 4 billion mobile phones are in use worldwide. Of this statistic, a massive 3.05 billion are SMS enabled (compiled by Microsoft …

SMS Services for Golf Courses

With so many different golf courses spread across the UK and abroad, golf club members are likely to shop around if they feel they could be getting a better golfing experience elsewhere. To ensure that this is kept to a …

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