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Avoid the cost of missed Health appointments with SMS technology

Recent research has revealed SMS Technology should be implemented to reduce the number of missed GP and outpatient appointments.  Figures show more than twelve million GP appointments are missed each year in the UK, costing in excess of £162 million per annum. A further 6.9 million outpatient hospital appointments are missed each year. On average the cost of a missed appointment is £108*. In addition there are the hidden costs involved with the replacement appointment. Missed appointments, known as ‘Did Not Attends’ (DNAs) also adds to the current appointment delays in treatment for other patients.

SMSintheMedicalWorldA simple initiative such as 
sending Text reminders are now used by many clinics, and are already beginning to have a positive impact. To help patients remember their appointments a Text reminder system is proven to be an effective solution.  Patients with a mobile number registered with the clinic will receive a Text message reminder and even patients with a landline number can receive automated Text messages.

Promotion of the Text Reminder System
How to inform patients who have registered their mobile phone number:

 Send two messages to remind patients of their appointment: 

      − The initial reminder will arrive 7 days before their appointment

      − The second reminder will arrive 24 hours before their appointment 

  Provide the ability to confirm the appointment 

  Provide options to cancel and re-book their appointment 

  Allow patients to opt out of the Text Reminder service at any point 

How secure is the service? 

TextAnywhere provides the facility to connect to a secure and reliable SMS platform by integrating your system via an API (Application Programming Interface).   And because we’re fanatical about helping you, we will provide you with unlimited free technical support. You can find detailed, free information on sending messages, and access code samples from our Developer Centre:

You may also want to take look our TextEmail service. You can quickly and easily send SMS text messages from any email application to any mobile phone through our email-to-SMS gateway, and receive replies and delivery confirmations by return. We offer two different email-to-SMS services – a service for any email system, and a service specifically for Microsoft Outlook OMS. With both services you just pay for the messages that you send.  For further information please take a look here TextEmail.

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* figures taken from NHS England

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