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TextAnywhere Support: How we can help you to run your SMS campaigns in line with your mobile marketing strategy


TextAnywhere are dedicated to providing clients with the support they need as soon as they require it so that they can in turn offer their customers the best service possible. In order to do this we offer a variety of support tools and methods of contact that you can use whenever you desire it. Some of these options are listed here should you ever need our assistance. 

FAQs section: The ‘support’ section on our website provides customers with a huge list of frequently asked questions on as diverse a variety as possible of topics relating to our services. Anything from pricing options to our range of products are discussed in this section and are constantly being updated. Feel free to use the search tool to look up your question or navigate the category headings on the right hand panel if you need further help. 

The TextAnywhere blog: Our blog is frequently updated with a specific focus on covering topics that we feel our customers would benefit from knowing more about. These posts are intended to be formulated in a greater detail than the relevant web pages on the TextAnywhere site so it is worth reading through past submissions if you are unsure about a specific subject mentioned on our site. 

Product sections and Developer Centre: Our product sections strive to be as detailed as possible about the different capabilities, benefits and general details affecting each individual service that we provide. If you are planning on using our SMS services alongside your own website or application then you are still entitled to the same benefits and support as product only users. Our developer centre provides a step by step guide and detailed toolkit to help you manage your SMS services as efficiently as possible. 

You can probably find the answers to any questions you may have listed under one of the subheadings of these products or within the FAQs section as mentioned. However, if you are unable to find what you are looking for then be sure to contact our Customer Service team using one of the following options:

• Email: welcome@textanywhere.net

• Phone: 08451 221 302 (we provide all our customers with free technical TextAnywhere product support and strive to respond to all queries made on the phone in 15 minutes). 

• Post: You can also contact us by post using the address shown here

To visit our main website please click here.



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