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5 reasons to work on your mobile strategy ready for the New Year

1. Because a new year is a new start.

Now is the ideal time to review your company’s performance from 2012, ready for the start of a new year. You can introduce new strategies and work on maintaining those that are …

Scheduling SMS messages over the Christmas break

In the past, the extended bank holiday period over Christmas and New Year meant that many companies were likely to miss out on vital marketing opportunities during this busy sales period. Fortunately, these days it is possible to overcome this …

SMS Services for Golf Courses

With so many different golf courses spread across the UK and abroad, golf club members are likely to shop around if they feel they could be getting a better golfing experience elsewhere. To ensure that this is kept to a …

Run Your Own SMS Service

If you want to make use of TextAnywhere’s SMS packages but would prefer to have the independence of running your own applications then it might be worth taking a look at our White Label SMS Service. This service gives

How to Utilise Bulk SMS Services for Non-Marketing Purposes

If you thought sending out bulk SMS messages was just for retailers to promote an offer or a competition they’ve got running, then think again. Bulk texting doesn’t have to be just for marketing purposes, you can use SMS solutions …

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