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Maximise the return on investment this summer with SMS

Now school is out and summer has finally arrived, a lot of businesses can find the summer months slow down. Is it business as usual, do you kick back and relax, or do you take the opportunity to do something

How the NHS and Healthcare can utilise Text Messaging


Question….Can a simple Text Message help the NHS?

Answer…. A resounding YES!

docts aptNow doctors, healthcare workers and administrators can employ SMS technology to improve healthcare services for patients and relieve their workload at the same time. Because SMS messages …

Reap the Rewards with Seasonal SMS Marketing

Marketing doesn’t have to be rocket science.  Studies have shown that seasonal marketing is one of the most effective times to communicate with existing and potential customers, and converting the all-important revenue opportunities. With text messages being opened within 3

How to use SMS Mobile Marketing in the Recruitment Industry

SMS mobile marketing is extremely flexible in regards to the number of industries you can use it for. Pretty much any industry that deals with communicating with either their staff, consumers or even business to business can utilise the simple …

10 good things about SMS Short Codes

What is a short code? SMS shortcodes are exactly that – short codes, shortened telephone numbers enabling you to message prospective customers and for them to respond easily. Here are some of the advantages of using an SMS shortcode service …

10 Tips to Increase Your Mobile Engagement

Marketing and advertising used to be one-way streets, but that has all changed. Now marketing is all about engagement, involving the customer in the process; but that’s easier said than done.

TextAnywhere has based its business on engaging the end-user …

Eight Things to Know About Short Codes

Short codes allow businesses to create a convenient way for clients and potential customers to get in touch with them. Short codes are also a great way to set up text subscription services as well as text-in votes, quizzes and …

5 Ways to Use Short Codes for Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

TextAnywhere provide a range of shared and dedicated short codes to our customers through our SMS service TextPremium. Short codes have a range of benefits that see them being repeatedly chosen by businesses to run certain campaigns including enhanced memorability …

How to Set Up Short Codes with TextPremium

Short codes can be used for both marketing purposes and general business communications. For example a short code could be set up to receive votes, competitions entries, to request information on your services, to promote offers and redemption vouchers or …

Using SMS Marketing to target young people

Text messaging has long been a popular method of communication for teenagers and young adults before its benefits were picked up on by users of older age groups. Therefore, if you are looking to target young people, it makes sense …

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