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SMS Campaigns for Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing is one of the most measurable forms of marketing, you can see how many leads were generated and how many of those leads became sales. You can also test different copy and styles to see which version …

Types of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a growing sector, however it is still somewhat under-used. The following is a quick guide to the mobile marketing world:

Mobile Web: having a mobile friendly version of your website is increasingly important as more and more …

SMS Marketing for B2B Companies

Finding the best marketing strategy for B2B communications is often more challenging than for B2C as not only do B2B companies need to understand the business they are communicating with, but they also need to understand those companies’ own customers …

SMS Marketing vs. Email Marketing

This post looks at how SMS marketing squares up to the longer standing marketing method of Email. First, a quick overview of the benefits and draw-backs of the two marketing methods;

SMS Marketing Pros Email Marketing Pros
  • – Send out

Integration of Online Texts with Wider Marketing Efforts

As we all know, integrating all of your marketing communications with one clear message and a similar feel is far more effective at driving a strong response from consumers, and sending texts online is no exception to this.

Setting up …

SMS competitions – why use them and when

Competitions are a great way of increasing the interactivity between your brand and consumers. Sms competitions are fun and offer a clear benefit to consumers; a key concern with sms marketing is to be adding value so as not feel …

SMS. Intrusive or Effective Marketing Tool

People use text every day to communicate with their friends and family. So much so that it has generated its own language. Currently over 5.3 billion people globally have a mobile phone which highlights the volume of exposure you can …

SMS vs MIM – SMS Thrives Against Smartphone Messaging Services

Despite the spread of smartphones over the last few years, and with them the ability to communicate via mobile instant messaging applications, SMS has remained the number one form of non-verbal communication from mobile phones.

Applications such as Blackberry Messenger …

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