TextAnywhere’s Chosen Charities For 2016

by admin 28. April 2016 16:12

In 2012, TextAnywhere set up their own Foundation allowing them to run a series of charitable initiatives. We are committed to donating 1% of our profits, products and time to not-for-profit organisations and charities each year and the Foundation helps us fulfil this. 

Each year, everyone at TextAnywhere gets together to choose two charities they’d like to support through the Foundation that year. This year we are truly delighted to announce, that our Foundation will be supporting two well deserved charities throughout 2016 - ‘YoungMinds’ and the ‘Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice’ .


YoungMinds are the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. They campaign, research and influence policy and practice on behalf of children and young people for improved care and better services.

They also provide expert knowledge to professionals, parents and young people through their Parents' Helpline, online resources, training and development, outreach work and publications. Young Minds’ mission is to improve the emotional resilience of all children and to ensure that those who suffer mental ill health get fast and effective support. Their key priorities are:

  • Build Children and Young People’s Emotional Resilience
  • Inspire excellence in children and young people’s services
  • Improve self-harm responses
  • Increase the influence of the voice of young people and their families
  • Advance understanding of how the internet and social media can be a positive tool for building emotional resilience

Our Foundation is pleased to confirm that we will continue supporting this amazing charity for the second year running! 

Wendy from TextAnywhere met with Ellie, the Development Manager at YoungMinds to let her know that the donation was continuing. Ellie said 

“Thank you so much for coming in to see us. Especially with the fantastic news that you have chosen to support YoungMinds again!”



Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice

Phyllis Tuckwell is the only Hospice Care service for adult patients, and their families, across the whole of West Surrey and part of North East Hampshire, serving 550,000 residents.

For nearly 40 years Phyllis Tuckwell has provided supportive and end of life care to people living with cancer, or other terminal or serious progressive illnesses (such as heart, lung or neurological disease). They provide care at the Hospice, at the Beacon Centre and in the community.

Every day they support over 250 patients, carers and relatives in their own homes, in the community, at the Hospice in Farnham (In-Patient Unit, Day Hospice, out-patient appointments and through Patient & Family Support) and at the Beacon Centre in Guildford (Day Services, out-patient appointments and through Patient & Family Support).

The NHS/Government only covers 20% of their costs, which means they rely heavily on the support and generosity of their local community. All their services are free of charge to their patients and their families, but they need to raise over £20,000 a day to offer such an exceptional service.

Wendy has been liaising with Georgi, the Corporate Partnerships Manager at the charity who said,

“We are thrilled to have been selected as one of TextAnywhere’s charities this year. The support of companies like TextAnywhere is vital for us to be able to continue supporting patients and their families at a difficult time. We need to fundraise over £20,000 a day to provide this outstanding care, so thank you to TextAnywhere for their support”.

For more information about Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care, please call 01252 729400 standard of clinical care and support.

Both of these charities are great causes and very well deserved. They both do amazing work and have personally touched the lives of people within the TextAnywhere Team. We feel very proud to be able to give 1% of our pre-tax profit for 2016 to these two deserving organisations. 

For more information about the TextAnywhere Foundation please free to contact us on 0845 122 1302 or email welcome@textanywhere.net.

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A Marketer's Guide To Festival Planning With SMS

by admin 19. April 2016 12:00

The festival season is approaching, with hundreds of events such as Coachella and Glastonbury marked in everyone’s diaries. An estimated 14million adults were planning on attending music festivals last year, which means marketers can find themselves under pressure to make sure their festival has the highest attendance rate. With 70% of people saying that receiving a text is the best way to grab their attention, mobile marketing can provide a simple, direct method of contacting event goers of the past, present and future. The run up to a big event can involve a lot of in-depth planning and organisation, so to make it a little bit easier we’ve come up with a list of content ideas to keep in contact with your festival goers in the lead up to your event.


Tickets on Sale!

One of the important – if not the most important – aspects is the tickets going on sale. Send out SMS reminders to your database to let them know when tickets are going on sale. Timing of these messages are crucial, sending them too early can mean people may forget but send them too late and they not enough notice to save funds to purchase. Segment your database and create a VIP list of previous event attendees to know of any pre-sale tickets that are available exclusively to them (for a limited time only of course!)

Special Offers

Your festival could have partnerships with brands that sell festival essentials such as tents, wellies and even portable mobile phone chargers. If that’s the case, why not let your customers know by sending a quick bulk SMS? It could even be that with the text they receive, you give them a discount code! For example: “Hi Becky, now that you’ve got your ticket for RocknRoll Festival, use code ROCKNROLL15 to receive 15% off festival essentials at www.festivals.com


Text messages have an average 98% open rate so make the most of this by with big line-up announcements. By carefully selecting your content and timing, you can send multiple messages to build up the excitement of the big day. Alongside this, you could also push for more ticket sales (if there are any tickets left!) as the line-up announcement is sure to get people talking, and wanting to go to your festival. 


As the event gets nearer, you could send a checklist of what to bring and what not to bring to the festival. This could include essentials such as baby wipes, tissues, sun cream and a portable phone charger. To save on message characters include a shortened URL link for people to check out a page on your site which includes a checklist of what to bring.


With the event around the corner, you could send a text to your festival goers to let them know what the weather forecast is for the day. If it’s raining, they’ll need wellies! But if it’s sunny, they’ll need plenty of sun cream. Whatever the weather, keeping festival goers informed can help to enhance their experience by helping them prepare accordingly. Of course, should they forget anything there is likely to be provision to purchase items on site, albeit potentially limited.

Today’s the day!

You’ve sent texts throughout the lead up to your event, and the event was a sell-out success. Get people interacting throughout the day by promoting a short-code and keyword. For example, people could text the word "WIN" with their name and to win a VIP for them and their friends next year - the lucky person could be announced live on stage!

Next time?

After the event, you could start the whole process again. Offer early bird or pre-sale tickets to the next event, exclusively to those who attended this year. You could also ask for feedback from the event, such as what they enjoyed the most/least, who their favourite artist was, who they’d like to see next year? 95% of people said they would respond to an SMS survey request compared to other survey methods. All this valuable feedback can help you to plan for your next event, and make it an even bigger success!

For more information or to learn more about text-messaging for festivals, or other event planning, feel free to contact us on 0845 122 1302 or email welcome@textanywhere.net

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How to create a successful fundraising campaign with SMS.

by admin 7. April 2016 09:38


Utilising text-messaging is an effective and cost efficient method to encourage people to make a donation, due to its simplicity and convenience. In 2014, more than £115m was donated via SMS, and £124m was forecast for 2015. Historically donors were reluctant to giving more than £3 via SMS however people are now more trusting to text-messaging and £10 donations are becoming increasingly popular price point. Viral campaigns on social media last year such as the #IceBucketChallenge led a huge wave of people donating via text-messaging. 

Whilst text donation can be a huge benefit to charities, there are many other benefits from utilising SMS, such as event promotions and campaigns. Below, we’ve outlined the 5 main steps to follow when you’re thinking about a text messaging campaign.




The first, maybe most obvious aspect of the text campaign is the message. What is it that you are going to say to your audience? Perhaps it’s an upcoming fundraising event that you want to promote, or maybe you’re updating your audience about the success of a past event that they were involved in. Whatever the message, you need to think through the purpose and the possible outcomes. Is there something specific that you want users to do once they’ve received your message? If the answers yes, make sure to include a clear call to action.

Now you’ve got your message sorted, who are you going to send it to? Reduce opt-out rates by ensuring your contact database is segmented correctly, people are not going to want to receive information that is not relevant to them. For example, if you ran a previous fundraising event, send updates to everyone that attended and follow up with future events that they may find interesting. 


Timing is key when it comes to sending text-messages. If you’re sending a message about an upcoming event, make sure you send it early enough for people to sign up, as well as giving them time to train for the event if required. Similarly, if you’re promoting an event such as a jumble sale, give enough notice to your audience so they can collect up some items to donate. You can schedule messages in advance which saves you the time and hassle from sending them on the day. 


What is your overall goal from sending your text campaign? You need to carefully think what you want recipients to do once they have received your message. If you want them to sign up to your event, you can include a shortened link to the applications page. If the message is just an update of a previous event, perhaps the call to action could be to share on social media with a certain hashtag. Not only will this reflect well on them for helping out a great cause, but it will also raise brand awareness for your organisation.


Once you’ve got the content, decided who you’re sending it to, and when and why you’re sending the message, you need to think about the success metrics. How will you measure the success of your campaign? Maybe this will be based on the amount of users that sign up to your event, or it could be the amount of people that turn up to your fundraiser. Whatever you decide is your success metric, make sure you have planned how you’ll measure this. For example you can get people to sign up to your fundraising event by using a short-code and keyword, then use TextAnywhere’s simple reporting tool to view the amount of respondents who have signed up. By doing this, you’ll be able to see how successful your text campaign was, and what could be improved next time around.

Converting single donations to monthly?

Following up with a telephone call to one-off donors to convert them to regular donations is a common practice. However this can be an invasion of privacy and misuse of personal data as permission may have not been given by the text donor. Give the option to text donors to subscribe to monthly donations via a short-code keyword service, making them feel less pressured into donating. You can implement STOP and SKIP notifications, which allows donors to opt-out whenever they want or if money is tight that month they can skip their donation without stopping all together. Take a look at ICO rules for marketing messages here.


As part of our ongoing commitment to being a socially responsible organisation, TextAnywhere runs a series of charitable initiatives through our Foundation. For more information on the TextAnywhere Foundation please read here.

For more information on how your not-for-profit can benefit from implementing SMS please feel free to contact us on 0845 122 1302 or email welcome@textanywhere.net.

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How can educational services benefit from utilising text messaging?

by admin 22. March 2016 10:00

With the average primary school sending 4,000 text messages a year and secondary schools sending over 12,000 - text messaging is popular method of communication within the educational services industry. There are various ways that schools, colleges and higher education institutions can successfully implement text messaging, whether it is to keep in contact with parents or students, such as sending reminders about important dates, or making them aware of any upcoming closures etc. With the 98% of text-messages being opened with 3 minutes SMS is the ideal method of communication due to it being quick, simple and reliable.


 Confirmation of Attendance

o Allow students, parents or guardians to confirm attendance of any relevant events or appointments such as one-to-one mentoring, parents evening, assemblies and much more. You could allow the person to either reply back to a text-message reminder or purchase a dedicated long number for students or parents to text into confirming various events. 

 Reminders 

o Easily send bulk sms reminders to parents to let them know of any payments required, such as for school trips, and you can remind parents of any appointments or upcoming events at the school. Likewise, you could send reminders to mature students, ensuring they are aware of any approaching deadlines or exams. Sending a text-message reminder can increase attendance rates by 45% and reduce "no-show" appointments - ensuring there to be a higher turnout rate! 

 Notifications

o Send bulk text alerts to parents or students to notify them of term dates and any upcoming inset days or other closures that they may be unsure of. This could also be used to notify parents of their child’s achievements, behaviour and attendance. Mature students could be notified of any exam or coursework results that are in.

 Announcements

o There may be times when you need to make a last minute announcement – perhaps there is a school closure due to a power cut, or maybe there’s been a seminar room change. With the average person looking at their phone 105 times a day and such a high open rate, text message is likely to be the best way to contact users at such short notice, that way you’re more likely to catch them in a timely manner. 

 Feedback

o SMS surveys are a quick and simple way to gain invaluable feedback from students and/or parents in a short space of time. These could be single or multi question, and can be used to get feedback on guest lecturers or a course programme structure, as well as parents feedback for example ‘Did you get everything you hoped to from parent’s evening?’. Read our full guide on the benefits of Text Surveys and gaining a ROI. 

Start implementing text-messaging in your educational institute today by recording parent and student mobile numbers when filling out emergency contact forms. This will mean you will have a database of numbers ready to keep up them to date of various school events and important announcements. Ensure you are compliant and offer parents/students the ability to opt out should they wish to stop receiving these messages, TextAnywhere offers a free opt-out service to all their clients.

For more information on how your educational institute can benefit from implementing SMS please feel free to contact us on 0845 122 1302 or email welcome@textanywhere.net.

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Eggcellent Mobile Marketing Campaign Ideas for Easter!

by admin 11. March 2016 12:30


The date for Easter bank holiday weekend changes every year. This year the long weekend is earlier than ever, falling over the last weekend of March (25th-28th March).The bank holiday weekend is a time for weekends away, shopping trips, days out, family get togethers and socialising (not forgetting eating plenty of chocolate). It is the perfect marketing opportunity for organisations to rein in new customers and build further business with existing clients. With 63% of people saying they would rather give up chocolate for their mobile phone, ditch the Easter eggs and go mobile! So how can businesses get their consumers to be eggstatic for the upcoming weekend?


Eggcellent Offers

Many retailers run sales and special offers over the Easter weekend, and in 2015 retail footfall increased by 4.7%. Supermarkets may have special offers on alcohol to promote the social side of things, playing on the fact that there’s four days off work! Some people may instead use the four days off to redecorate part of the house, making it the perfect opportunity for companies such as furniture or DIY shops to promote special offers. Easter is also a time for egg-changing gifts, so ensure your customers know if they have to order by a certain date to receive it in time for the bank holiday.

Eggstatic Giveaways

As we previously mentioned Easter is a time for giving - so why not run an eggciting competition for your customer! The prize could be something simple like a chocolate Easter egg or maybe something more expensive like £100 gift voucher - the choice is yours! The key about competitions is that your giving customers an incentive in doing something beneficial for your business. Maybe you want customers to fill out your customer satisfaction survey? Or even fill out their details so you can build you client database - you decide!

Eggciting Days Out

Families may want to take a day out somewhere, so why not promote the events you’re running? Just before the Easter bank holiday in 2014, the National Tourist Board revealed that 6.5 million brits had already made plans for day trips out, while another 13 million said they were likely to be out and about over the weekend. Maybe it’s an Easter egg hunt or you’ve got a special Sunday Roast lined up. Do your customers need to book in advance, or can they just turn up on the day? Whichever the answer – make sure they’re aware! Once they’ve booked, keep them informed of any relevant updates. For example, if the event is outdoors, will it still go ahead if it’s raining? “Hi Justin. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Easter egg hunt tomorrow. Don’t forget your wellies if it’s raining!” 

Sunday Eggstravaganza

Numerous pubs, clubs and bars are likely to be open later over the bank holiday, especially on the Sunday – because they can. A bank holiday is apparently the third highest occasion to go to the pub or club. Utilise your existing marketing database You may already have a database of regular customers, so make sure you keep your loyal regulars informed of extended opening hours, or any Easter deals that you may have on. Your customers may also be interested in having a big Sunday lunch, whether traditional or not, so if you’ve got food on offer make sure your customers are aware, as well as what time you are serving food until.


Like anything, the Easter weekend will be here before we know it. Make sure you and your business is fully prepared for the weekend, promoting your offers and deals far enough in advance to get customers interested in what you’ve got planned.


With Easter fast approaching, there’s no better time than now to promote your services through SMS. For further information about how SMS Marketing can benefit your organisation or for more details about TextAnywhere please feel free to contact us on 0845 122 1302 or emailwelcome@textanywhere.net.


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Why you need to include Mothers in your next mobile marketing campaign!

by admin 18. February 2016 12:30

 Text messaging has been proven successful for many organisations, particularly when it is used to promote seasonal events, such as Mother’s Day. This year Mother’s Day falls early on the 6th March 2016 in the UK, the date changes annually due to the lunar calendar. This means sending customer reminders of your special offers and services in time for this special event is crucial.

According to The Drum, shoppers spend 75% more on Mother’s Day than on Father’s Day, which is later in the year on 19th June 2016. This alleged difference in spend is down to the fact the day means more to Mum than it does to Dad; with the top gifts including flowers, chocolates and beauty treatments. With a significant 45% of SMS campaigns generating a successful ROI implementing text-messaging in your marketing strategy for this year’s Mother's Day is ideal.

When creating your next mobile marketing campaign make sure you remember "MOTHER" to ensure you maximise ROI with text-messaging:

Make special offers

If your business has special offers for mother’s day gifts, why not promote them further through sending a text message to previous customers. For example, if you have a spa or salon, you could send a message offering discount on certain treatments just for Mum! Similarly, if you have a restaurant offering special lunches, or perhaps a girly afternoon tea. Whatever special promotion you are running for Mother’s Day you can advertise these quickly and efficiently by utilising our bulk SMS Service. TextCampaign allows you to have two-way messaging which means customers can reply back placing a booking and also enables you to personalise each message - which engaging increases engagement rate.

Order now!

Alongside letting your customers know what offers you are running for Mother’s Day, make sure you let them know the last date they can order from you in time for the special day. With 91% of consumers having their mobile phones within arm’s reach 24/7 implementing text reminders is ideal. For example, if you run a floristry, you might be busier than usual in the lead up to Mother’s Day, so ensure customers know they can’t leave it too late to place their order!

Timing is key

SMS marketing is the ideal medium for promoting products, but if you send the reminders or promotions too close to the 6th March, your customers may have already gone elsewhere. Ensure sure your services and promotional offers stand out against competitors by giving enough notification of the promotions you are running in line with the special day.

Have call to action

It’s very well sending any reminders or promotions through text messages, but what do you want the recipient to do then? Including a clear call to action, such as a shortened URL link to your website or specific landing page can help direct customers to the place they are most likely to action the deal you are offering. You can also incorporate a short-code and keyword as a call to action, making it easier for customers to communicate. For example customers code text “BOOKING” to 81025 with their name and time they would like to reserve the item on offer or appointment for the service you are offering.

Event planning!

Are you hosting any important client events? Make your clients feel valued by sending personalised and exclusive event invites via text-messages. With 98% of text-messages being opened within 3 minutes, in times of urgency and expediency SMS is an essential "go to" tool for event planning! 

Run competitions

Mother’s Day is an ideal seasonal opportunity to run a competition. How can your business benefit from a free giveaway? By implementing a short-code and keyword for your customers to enter your competition, you are gaining crucial customer data and building your sms service list. Not only are you building your service list, you are also promoting and gaining brand awareness to a larger audience. There are rules and regulations when hosting a competition and customer data, make sure you abide by these rules by looking on ICO’s.

With mother’s day fast approaching, there’s no better time than now to promote your services through SMS. For further information about how SMS Marketing can benefit your organisation or for more details about TextAnywhere please feel free to contact us on 0845 122 1302 or email welcome@textanywhere.net.

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How SMS can help fill job vacancies fast and effectively

by admin 5. February 2016 14:00


The recruitment industry is a highly competitive business to make sure they position the right candidate in the right timeframe to their clients. In addition for jobseekers to be “that” candidate who is put forward and hopefully secure their dream job.

SMS Marketing can be the perfect solution to enable recruitment agencies to find and place the right candidates. 90% of recruitment agencies have claimed text messaging has helped their business grow. Over 340,000 people in the UK have already opted into receive weekly communications from recruitment agencies. With text-messaging offering a quicker response rate as well as an open rate of 98% (Mobile Marketing Watch) - sms is a powerful and efficient marketing tool.

Here are five ways in which recruitment agencies can implement and benefit from text-messaging as part of their marketing strategy therefore ensuring a solid ROI! 

  • Job Alerts

When an applicant decides to join your recruitment agency, why not offer candidates - an opportunity to receive text message alerts detailing suitable opportunities relevant to them. This could be included as part of the application process, such as simply ticking a box to opt-in to receive text message alerts outlining relevant full time or part time jobs. In addition when sending out a job opportunity via a Text Message implement a short-code and keyword which will make it easier and quicker to capture potential candidates interest in the role- for example text “JOBSEEKER” with their full name to 81025. 

  • Reminders

Once a candidate has secured an interview with a prospective employer, recruitment agencies can send SMS reminders. This service is a reliable way of ensuring the candidate knows exactly when and where the interview is taking place. A simple SMS reminder can increase attendance rates by 45%! As the interview is potentially the most important part of the process, a gentle reminder may help to give peace of mind to the candidate, as well as reassurance to the employer the candidate will attend so as not to waste the hiring manager's time waiting for a no show.

  • Temporary Roles

Many recruitment agencies offer temporary roles, which often require an immediate start, as opposed to going through the normal lengthy hiring process. By utilising our bulk SMS service, agencies can instantly send bulk messages to relevant groups of contacts, for example  send a BULK SMS to all applicable candidates looking for temp roles. Sending via SMS will mean direct delivery with hopefully a quick response to filling the position. For example, ‘Admin role in Putney - Tuesday 10am-2pm. Are you available?’ Then add in a Short Code and Keyword by which you know quickly who is interested and you can then follow up with another text with all the additional details of where to go.

  • Personalisation

When promoting both full time and temporary roles via SMS marketing, research by The UK Government “Nudging Department” has shown responses increase by personalising the message.TextCampaign, our bulk SMS tool enables you to personalise bulk messages should you wish. This is imperative for recruitment agencies to catch the right candidates, as they will feel specially selected. 

  • Candidate Surveys

Completing application forms can be tedious when you are applying for multiple jobs a day. Recruitment companies can make this process quick and effective by sending out a short SMS surveys to candidates. Surveys can be used to gain quick candidate feedback on how the interview went. Data can be captured quickly by implementing our TextSurvey tool and data can be clearly viewed with our reporting function. 95% of people said they would respond to an SMS survey request (IPSOS MORI) and over 500% people complete a survey via SMS rather than email.

These are just a few ways in which the recruitment industry can benefit from using SMS marketing. For more information or advice on how your business can benefit from SMS Marketing or additional information about TextAnywhere please contact us today or request a free trial below.

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Fall in love with Mobile Marketing this Valentine’s Day

by admin 27. January 2016 13:00


According to Wonderslist, Valentine’s Day is the fifth most celebrated holiday around the world, with a predicted £1.9 billion being spent on the occasion last year, as stated by dating site eHarmony.

A recent survey by Chilli Sauce showed that 51% of women asked believed the point in Valentine’s Day is to ‘show how much you care’, whilst 29% of men agreed with this sentiment. So why not utilise this love-ly time of year and with Valentine’s approaching take this opportunity to not only to thank your customers but also express how much you appreciate their loyalty. To provide some inspiration (and we love playing Cupid) we have written the following 5 points helping you to share the love with SMS this Valentines and beyond.

        Don’t Forget!

53% of women have said they would possibly end their relationship if they didn’t receive a gift from their partner! Use this to your advantage by sending SMS Reminders- particularly now the date is fast approaching. For example Florists can remind consumers in advance of their special offers or promotions. Or remind customers when the dates are to order to assure timely purchases. Not only will this increase sales, by helping customers with a simple SMS they will value the service provided further. 

        Mobile Resolution

2015 was the year that mobile search over took desktop, and this is constantly increasing. By ensuring your website is mobile friendly, you’re safeguarding the chance for last minute bookings or orders for those who may have been a little side-tracked. Send your customers a text-message which includes a shortened link to your landing page and make it as easy as possible for them to place an order or reservation. This will help increase web traffic, potential sales and customer satisfaction by making your service simple and efficient.

        Give the Perfect Gift 

Whilst many couples will buy gifts for each other, this doesn’t mean they won’t buy gifts  that they can enjoy together. In fact 27% of women think a holiday is the perfect gift and 15% stated a spa treatment is their ideal gift for Valentine’s Day. Travel agents and spa’s can make use of this opportunity by promoting weekend breaks or special offers by SMS that couples can enjoy together.

Share the Love

No matter what industry your business is in you can still use Valentine’s Day as a marketing opportunity. Take this opportunity to build your SMS service list by offering special discounts and exclusive offers to those subscribe. Once you have built your mailing list you can send out bulk messages to your subscription list and schedule these in for the future.

Remember it’s not all about couples!

Whilst Valentine’s Day may be a great opportunity to promote your products and increase sales to those in relationships, we shouldn’t forget about those who are single on Valentine’s Day. Encourage singletons to celebrate Valentine’s Day by treating themselves to some gifts with your special discount codes. It could also be the perfect time for someone to set up their dating profile, so why not give them a helping hand in finding someone special? For example, you could offer discount rates, and encourage people to sign up by using our short-code and keyword service.

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching beat the rush and set up your SMS Marketing Campaign today. For more details about TextAnywhere or if you require additional information about how SMS Marketing can benefit your organisation please contact us today at 0845 122 1302 or email us at welcome@textanywhere.net.

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5 essential questions to consider when choosing your SMS service provider

by admin 22. January 2016 12:00


When searching and selecting an SMS service provider businesses will discover it isn’t as straightforward as they initially thought. Many companies will package their services and pricing in different ways, which makes it difficult for the buyer to decide which company is offering the best overall deal. To assist with this assessment we have put together 5 crucial and essential questions businesses should consider when selecting their SMS service provider. The answers provided will hopefully alleviate any doubts and provide that much needed confidence when making a final decision on who to select.

  • Is their pricing clear?

Some companies will advertise their pricing to look like they are offering you the best price when in fact they can be additional hidden charges. Check that you are able to send messages internationally and if so what is the extra cost to do this, if any. Some companies tend to charge you extra for an opt-out service which is vital as it is a legal requirement for users to be able to opt-out. At TextAnywhere our pricing is clear and you only pay for the messages you send out. There are no set-up fees, no additional charges such receiving replies, plus our opt-out service is completely free of charge. With TextAnywhere you are able to send International text messages to over 230 countries. Please find our international charges listed here. This clearly outlines that sending a text to some countries would incur a charge over one credit.

  • What  payment options are available?

Are you able to automatically purchase messages online by debit or credit card? Or if preferred would you require a credit facility and therefore pay via an invoice?  A large majority of SMS providers only offer pay as you go, an upfront method of payment. At TextAnywhere we offer various payment plans from purchasing online as pre-pay to having a credit account.


  • Do they send their messages through UK Operators?

Sending messages through UK operators is the only way to ensure your messages are sent as quickly as possible and the most reliable form of connection. Some companies will reduce their costs by sending through non-UK network operators however this will most certainly reduce delivery quality by messages being delayed or simply lost. At TextAnywhere we only use UK operators to ensure your messages have the highest delivery satisfaction and quality.


  • Is the SMS service provider hosted in the UK ?

You need to be confident in knowing that the your information and data is securely stored.In addition to security you also need to know the reliability of this so there isn’t a frequent downtime. At TextAnywhere we take security seriously and are hosted securely by Rackspace. We are also PCI DSS compliant to further protect our clients' payment card data and clearly show our information security policy.


  • Do they have an active customer care representative or responsive Technical Support?

Having reliable customer care contact and technical support when looking at your SMS service provider is crucial. At TextAnywhere we are fanatical about customer support. Our clients can be confident with our service due to the support from our friendly and highly trained UK Customer Services Team. In addition we have a Team of Developers on hand to help should you need further technical advise. We’re here from 0800 to 1800, Monday to Friday, and beyond!


Why not take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions which provides help and insight on the commonly asked questions on our products and services. For more details about TextAnywhere or if you require additional information about how SMS Marketing can benefit your organisation please contact us today at 0845 122 1302 or email us at welcome@textanywhere.net.

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New Year, New Home - How to successfully utilise SMS Marketing in the property sector.

by admin 13. January 2016 12:00


As we welcome the new year, many of us will be looking for or considering a fresh start. A popular New Year’s resolution is a new home. Reasons vary from being a first time buyer, circumstances have changed, simply wanting a change of scenery or selling and moving abroad.

Research shows people searching for “houses for sale” and property services maintain a high consistency of results throughout the year, but the biggest spike and busiest time is January!

Text message marketing offers great value and speed to market for the property sector with figures showing a text messages has a 98% open rate compared to just 20% for emails. Here are just a few ways on how businesses in the property sector can successfully utilise SMS Marketing and gain competitive advantage whilst reducing costs.

Bulk SMS Notifications

By using the TextAnywhere Text Campaign service, thousands of clients can be alerted at once when a property becomes available on the market. Sending bulk SMS messages can save time on phone calls/voicemails and emails, which have a low open rate compared to SMS. Send a simple text message which includes the relevant details of the property along with a contact telephone number to call and/or a URL to your web site. With 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receiving them, your potential buyers can be contacting you in an instant! It is also possible for people within your database of contacts to reply to the message to either register their interest or forward the SMS onto someone they know who may be interested.

SMS Reminders

When dealing with individual clients/buyers directly, TextAnywhere TextOnline tool would be easy to implement. Missed appointments can be reduced by sending out a simple, cost-efficient text-message reminder. Once a sale is made then TextOnline could be adopted to keep both vendor and buyer updated on sales progress. Furthermore the service could be used by property management companies to keep tenants updated when rent is due or regarding maintenance of the property, reducing the cost to send individually addressed letters and emails.

Customer Surveys

Text Survey could be used for new buyers or people recently added to your database of contacts. By creating a text message based survey property companies are able to gather rich information regarding their customer’s needs including property size/type, location and budget. This would help minimise meetings and offer quick and efficient service to the potential buyer before even meeting them!

These are just a few ways on how to successfully utilise SMS Marketing with TextAnywhere’s services. For more details about TextAnywhere or if you require additional information about how SMS Marketing can benefit your organisation please contact us today at  0845 122 1302 or email us at welcome@textanywhere.net.

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