SMS Marketing on Special Occasions and Holidays

by Admin 22. December 2014 11:31

One way to make your customers feel valued and keep them interested and loyal to your brand is to pay attention to the details. Their details that is.

The beauty of using text message services is that you can customise your messages incredibly easily and for any occasions. This can be leveraged with holidays, bank holiday, birthdays, and special occasions within your business or even just to keep up with you customers. This way you are making your customers feel special and care about them and the service or product you are providing them.

Here are a few examples of how you can use text message marketing to make your customers feel special on holidays and special occasions.


Keeping track of your customer’s birthday is one very simple but incredibly effect way of keeping your customers loyal and happy. It shows you care and also that they are not just another number to you and your business. You can personalise your message in order to appeal to whowever is receiving your message. An additional way of helping keep a great relationship with your customers is to give them a special birthday discount or offer. Send them a 20% off your next purchase discount code for example, to keep them coming back.

Not only this, but knowing your customers ages is also valuable to your business in order for you to target your demographics more effectively, making your campaigns more strategic and successful.


Keeping up with seasonal trends is often very important for all businesses. With seasonality comes dips and peaks in your sales or traffic and therefore, sending out mini seasonal newsletters or updates is a great way to keep in contact with your customers. It also allows you to remind them of any changes happening that season, offers or new stock or services that may be coming or you are currently offering. 


The festive holiday for most businesses usually sparks a huge spike in sales, traffic and is often the most financially lucrative period for many businesses. It is therefore essential that you make the most of this opportunity by leveraging the running up period. Continually keeping your customers up to date with any offers, sales and special items or services you are currently promoting should be utilised to its fullest potential to gain the best ROI. Don’t forget to also keep this momentum up within the January period when sometimes this burst of activity can drop off.

These are just three ways in which you can make the most of special occasions and holiday but the possibilities are endless. If you need any advice or help with your text message campaigns, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team on 08451 221 302 or visit our TextAnywhere website for more information.

How to create the perfect SMS Mobile Marketing Campaign

by Admin 16. December 2014 16:07

Creating the perfect SMS campaign is very challenging. There are no set rules for any business to ensure their campaign is pitch perfect. There are many variables which are often out of your control, such as the emotive response of your customers and whether your messages are in fact relevant for them.

However there are ways to ensure that your campaign is as good as it could possibly be in order to get back the best results from your customers, in turn increasing your business. These things you can implement your side and can dramatically increase the response of your campaigns. Though the rules cannot be applied to every business as not all businesses are the same, here are a few tips to get you started:


Content is always key when sending out any marketing campaign not just Text Message alone. Always ensure your grammar and spelling is correct, this may sound obvious but is sometimes so obvious it can be missed. Engage with you customers, ensure what you are sending out is of relevance and interest to them and ensure you are not just sending out messages for the sake of it. Ensure that the messages you send are beneficial to your recipients.


If you have a larger business that offers a multitude for products or services, this is very important. TextAnywhere allows you to segment your customers into relevant categories. This allows you to send out customer specific messages, regarding a certain product that is on offer or a change of schedule for example, class room changes. This allows you to manage your campaigns more successfully and therefore ensure a better Text Message Marketing reach.

Track Progress

Like any other marketing platform it is important to measure your performance to highlight any areas that are working well or likewise need improving. Sending out a campaign can sometimes prove useless if the open rate, response rate and other variables are not measured. Ways to do this will vary depending on what your business is, what your goals are and generally what you want your recipient to do. However you can track this by what response they give to the message, if it’s an event how many people attend or maybe by how many people opt out from your messages. This will help you to further develop your campaigns as you have a better understanding of what is happening and what is not.

Getting closer to your Customers

Your customer will often appreciate you informing them of special offers, deal and new products happening form your Business Text Messaging. You are reaching out to them in a more personal and up close manner. This builds a better relationship from your business to your customers.

For more information on how TextAnywhere can help you with your SMS Marketing, call our Customer Service team on 08451 221 302, or visit our website.


Mobile Marketing during the Christmas period

by Admin 27. November 2014 10:30

SMS marketing is often overlooked as a marketing tool, regarded as an intrusive aspect of marketing, yet what is often omitted is that SMS marketing is an opt-in channel. As consumers we are all familiar with the mobile network Orange and their Orange Wednesday text messaging campaign where their customers can receive 2 for 1 on Odeon film tickets. Their customers choose to get these text messages, as they wish to receive the discounts. NHS Trusts have used mobile marketing to enhance patient confidentiality, opting for SMS services to deliver test results as a new way to keep personal information personal. These are some great examples as how mobile marketing can be very effective. 

Due to the majority of consumers owning a mobile phone, mobile marketing is one of the most indispensable tools in the marketer’s toolkit. For most people, the mobile is an everyday essential, note how many times a day people check their mobile phone! And texting is still the most popular usage of the mobile phone. Therefore, why miss this opportunity? 

In the Christmas period, consumers are overloaded with advertising and marketing to encourage them to spend their money. Using SMS services doesn’t need to be bothersome. By sending a well-timed text message, once or twice during the Christmas period, you may be the brand that sticks in the head of your potential customers during the festive season. An increase in mobile shopping means that consumers are using their phones more to purchase their Christmas gifts, meaning that there is an outlet for SMS services to be used to target these mobile shoppers. Sending a discount code text as a consumer nears the business has proven a great marketing tool, issuing incentives to visit their brand. 

Providing a text service to your clients is one way of ensuring that your promotions are going to be noticed. When you receive a notification on your phone, what are you going to pay more attention to? Email campaigns? Social media updates? Both of these marketing strategies can be dismissed, overlooked, and your updates can get lost in the ether, not being taken in by potential clientele. The Next Web reports that “SMS coupons get redeemed eight times more frequently than the same emailed offer”, so, why miss out on the most underrated marketing tool for your business?

For more information on SMS marketing, or ideas on how to utilise mobile marketing during the Christmas period, feel free to call our Customer Service Team on 08451 221 302

How corporate companies use SMS marketing

by Admin 24. November 2014 11:30

SMS marketing is becoming one of the favourite marketing techniques used by all players on the market. Business text messaging is used by all types of companies, ranging from large multinational corporations with millions of customers to smaller companies trying to build up an initial clientele. No matter the size and scope of the organisation, this type of direct marketing proves to be highly efficient. 

This success is obviously built on the success of the text messaging service as a whole. Users engage primarily with mobile technology, and companies have long understood this is the medium they need to use in order to attract a dedicated consumer base, interested directly in their services and products. 

Companies can use a text service to alert customers about impromptu promotions, new services or just strengthen the organisation's presence. Unlike traditional marketing campaigns, SMS services possess the advantage of immediacy, conveying a message in real time, individually to each consumer. The uncertainty of costly and sometimes poorly timed TV and print campaigns is brushed aside by this modern, automated and highly flexible marketing medium. 

Users who opt in to receive messages from companies clearly state they are interested in the company and what it has to offer. Companies thus have a very clear estimate of the potential customer base. These numbers allow companies to craft bespoke campaigns around a certain niche, a move resulting in significantly lower expenses and much faster turnaround times. 

SMS marketing takes place entirely in the digital world. This medium is automated and can be fine-tuned to obtain precise and immediate results, be them demographic measurements, increased sales or brand exposure. Many case studies show that companies using this marketing tool experienced growth in terms of sales and brand positioning. Well garnered with an integrated social media campaign, a good text campaign can prove to be the spearhead of company growth. 

Business text messaging campaigns also provide companies with invaluable interaction with the customer base. This medium can be used to undertake surveys and questionnaires, which will offer precise insight into the behaviour and expectations of consumers. The interaction will also strengthen the company's importance in the consumer's commercial spectrum. 

SMS services are a natural step in the evolution of the way companies interact and sell their products to clients. Results are instantly obtained and can be compiled automatically into valuable data that would have costed a fortune to obtain just a few years ago.

TextAnywhere is a SMS marketing company offering complete services for companies and organisations. Services include, but are not restricted to: TextOnline, a quick and efficient method to send texts to individuals and groups and receive back receipts; TextCampaign, a platform for creating and managing large scale SMS campaigns; and TextSurvey, a complete solution for devising, sending and receiving answers to surveys.

For more information, please contact our Customer Service Team on 08451 221 302 who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Get your SMS Campaigns ready for Christmas

by Admin 20. November 2014 10:00

As the cold weather sets in and the leaves start to fall down from the trees, it gives us all a reminder that Christmas is coming and we businesses need to prepare for the festive season. 

With only a few weeks till Christmas, consumers are beginning to think of their Christmas needs such as buying presents for the family or booking a table for a fabulous Christmas dinner. Regardless of your motivations, now is the time that businesses to start preparing and implementing their marketing strategies and SMS marketing is a great way to communicate with both consumers, business partners and colleges.

Here are a few interesting ideas for reaching your target audience via text messages:

Pubs and Restaurants

As a popular destination for families and corporate days during the Christmas period, the hospitality market should utilise this season to promote Christmas offers and deals, such as “Corporate Christmas meal” or “Christmas offer: every child gets one desert for free”.  


Using text messages in schools and education is a good way to invite parents to some Christmas bazaars or Christmas celebrations. Alongside this, Schools are able to communicate school holiday dates, or ‘snow days’ with parents directly to their mobile phone.


The Christmas season is a retail season, and with an increased level of competition and choice, businesses should promote their Christmas offering to help increase uplift and market share. 

Travel Agencies

With the cold weather rolling in, some consumers like to get away from it all, and travel for their Christmas break. With SMS marketing and promotion, travel agencies can offer ‘last minute deals’ and ‘Christmas get-always’.


For manufacturers, retailers or distributors using text messages to their client base, is a fast and uncomplicated way to tell the customers that you are on holiday over Christmas, for example “Please note, that we are on holidays from 24th December until 7th January”.  

In general businesses can use text message campaigns during this Christmas period, as quick and easy way to communicate with their customers and clients, as well as winning some new business along the way.  Call us on 08451 221 302, or email our Customer Service Team directly for more information on how TextAnywhere can help you.

5 benefits of using TextAnywhere’s SMS Marketing Service

by Admin 18. November 2014 15:28

There are many benefits of sending out Text messages for marketing purposes. There are definitely more than 5 however we would just like to list a few.

Range of services

We have made 7 different products available from TextAnywhere which each address different aspects of using text messaging as marketing.  These range from our premium accounts right through to our white label service and short code messaging service. You are sure to find one that suits you and your business needs.


TextAnywhere offers full reporting services for your SMS campaigns. It is hugely important for marketers to be measuring the success of their campaigns and we cannot stress that enough. Text Anywhere actually offers a fully downloadable CSV file which breaks down each single text message you have sent out and lets you know if the message has been opened and delivered. This way you can track what seems to be working and make the correct changes to improve and optimise you campaigns.

Ease of use

TextAnywhere have evaluated our service multiple times to refine our system to make sure that our services are as easy and simple to use as possible. This way, whether you are a small or large business, you can manage your marketing with ease and confidence. Each of our campaigns is broken down into tailored packages which address the many different needs of businesses. You should visit out support centre to find out in more detail which service will be best for your business.

Help and Support

With all of our services, we offer full support, guidance and help with any issues or difficulties you may having with setting up your campaign, sending out messages or any query you wish to ask. We also have an online support section of our website which has tons of questions and answers for all of your messaging needs.

Our Experience!

TextAnywhere have vast experience with business’s and clients of all sizes, industries and needs. This gives us an advantage of truly understanding our sector and also gives us the opportunity to offer the best products with the best support. 

These are just some of the benefits of using our Text Message marketing service. No matter how big or small your company may be, do not hesitate to contact us for further details if you have any enquiries on our products or if you simply want to start up your marketing campaign today.

For more information call us on 08451 221 302, or email our Customer Service Team directly.


The Environmental and Economic benefits of SMS Mobile Marketing

by Admin 4. September 2014 12:00

Previously, we have been through many, many benefits of using text message marketing for your business. In previous blogs we have spoken about the increased open rate, personalisation, and ability to segment your audience and consumers into handy, easy to reach groups. But two benefits of business text messaging which hasn’t been covered, is how environmental and economic text message marketing really is!

Firstly, let’s start with the environmental benefits.

We are all, now more than ever extremely conscious of our wastage and energy consumption. Energy usage, waste and bill are perpetually within the public eye and at pinnacle of debate. This leads onto how much wastage we are creating in the environment and what we are going to do about it. If we are constantly thinking about recycling our plastic bottles and food wastage, why are we not thinking about the amount of paper used when marketing? Flyers, leaflets, stickers and cards are all very common culprits of wastage within marketing campaigns. And this is where text message marketing comes in!

For example, have you ever thought to instead of giving customers printed discount vouchers, you can send them promotions via mobile, in the form of a simple SMS. Genius! By using this form of marketing you are not only sending promotions directly to your customer, but also making sure that the way in which you are targeting this audience is having a minimal impact on natural resources. 

The second unexpected benefit of SMS mobile marketing is the huge economic advantages.

Most companies expect that in order to carry out a successful marketing campaign, thousands of pounds need to be spent on various means of marketing. This doesn’t necessary have to be the case! Our text message service is extremely cost effective as you only pay for the messages you send.  

This way, businesses of all sizes and scope are able to carry out marketing campaigns with the peace of mind of being environmentally and cost friendly. 

To find out more about how environmentally friendly TextAnywhere is you can read more here [Carbon Neutral].

And to get started, click here for a free trial of our text message marketing service.

Managing your Customer Services through SMS

by Admin 1. September 2014 10:30

How your company manages customer service enquiries is a key part of how it is seen by customers. With the advent of smartphones there are opportunities to engage with customers in new ways that are creative, cost effective and convenient. By using the channels that consumers use in their day to day lives you can help build loyalty to your company and persuade people to spend more on your products and services.

A survey from the Mobile Marketing Association found that 95% of SMS text messages were read within 15 minutes and that the response rate from contact via text was up to ten times higher than for more traditional methods. If you want to impress customers with your approach to enquiries then using an online SMS service like TextOnline from TextAnywhere is a good way to achieve this. It allows you to respond in a way that customers will see quickly.

Promptly responding to enquiries is a good way to get customers to purchase from you in the first place, but the usefulness of SMS doesn't end there. It's vital to try and retain customers once they've made their first purchase. Various estimates have been made, but the consensus is that it costs at least three times as much to find a new customer as it does to retain an existing one. Keeping customers up to date with your products and services via SMS can be an excellent way to ensure that your company remains on their mind.

Another excellent use for SMS is to help engage and re-engage customers with your services. TextAnywhere's TextSurvey service allows you to send out a survey via SMS and collect the data back in. A well-constructed survey can be extremely useful in helping you to improve your products and your customer service. It can also help to build a dialogue with consumers whereby they start to associate themselves with your company and hopefully start recommending your services to others. This is precisely how TextAnywhere has grown as a business, with 71% of our new clients having had our services recommended to them by existing clients.

Our service is reliable and cost effective, allowing you to serve your customers how you want, when you want. We also offer rapid response friendly Customer Service Monday to Friday so feel free to call us on 08451 221 302, or email our Customer Service Team directly.

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What business should use Text Message Marketing?

by Admin 27. August 2014 09:45

As mobile technology becomes increasingly more sophisticated, so too does the way in which businesses use mobile marketing to target their customers. The absolute inflation of mobile usage on smart phones and even tablets has radically changed the way in which consumers interact with brands and businesses. This has also led to an even greater surge in mobile marketing as businesses and brands hurry to get the hang of the latest technology. However it is stepping back to basics that can actually work out the most successful option for a marketing strategy. Texting consumers allows you to directly reach them on a more personal and sentimental level

With this in mind, TextAnywhere would recommend that ANY business use text message services! If you have any form of communication with either customers or even internally, your business can benefit from using text message marketing. It provides instant and immediate contact with your audience and more importantly, in bulk. The cost and time consumption of this service is both equally very low. It is therefore that TextAnywhere’s SMS services can be utilised by both small and large companies, within any industry, reach and scope.

Here is an example of some of the industries which have and currently are benefitting from Text Message Marketing:


Restaurants find this service particularly useful when offering one off deals, promotions or simply want to encourage customers into their restaurant in quieter periods. 


This service is particularly good for hospitals as appointment reminders and dates can be forwarded straight to patients, for a small sum, knowing that the information will be delivered straight to the mobile phone with enhanced confidence on confidentiality

Clubs and organisations

Any club or organisation can use this service to send out reminders for upcoming events, changes of locations of venues. Because the messages can be segmented into specific groups, clubs are able to make the most of this for different sectors of their organisation.


Charities are able to greatly benefit from this service for many reasons. The main reason is the low cost alternative of text message marketing compared to other commercial forms of marketing. Charities can also receive donations through text message.

Ecommerce & Retail

Voucher codes, one off sales and new items coming into stock are just a few of the ways in which retail businesses are able to make the most of online SMS services.

Pubs, Bars and Clubs

Pubs and Bars are able to keep their customers up to date with special events and acts which are happening throughout the year. Also special drinks offers and discount codes can be sent out through this service.


Warehouses can use this service to keep track of deliveries between business to customers for a more reliable and trustworthy service. A customer is able to find out when and where their delivery was dispatched and when they should expect it.

These are just a select few of the industries which are able to benefit from the TextAnywhere service. For more information on how to get started, do not hesitate to visit our website.

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5 tips on running a successful SMS Marketing Strategy

by Admin 22. August 2014 11:30

1.Free Trial:

With any new client, TextAnywhere offers a free trial to test our products. get an understanding of how SMS marketing works it capabilities and how it integrates with your overall mobile marketing strategy.

2.Segment your audience

SMS marketing is a very personal form of marketing, as you are literally reaching your audience within their hand bag or pocket. Because of this is it even more important not to spam by sending irrelevant and unwanted messages. Segment your audience and only send information, promotions and updates on what they want to hear.

3.Short Messages

Keep it short and sweet. Simple! 

4.Give customers the option to STOP

Create trust with your customers and give them the option to opt out of the messages you send. However if you are segmenting your audience and only sending them short, sweet, simple and relevant messages, there shouldn’t really be a need to opt out.

5.Integrate your strategies

For best result, make sure you join up your own marketing strategy. Try integrating your email, social media, and web content. A consistent marketing message will always work better than a disjointed one.

For more information on how to conduct a successful SMS marketing strategy, please call our very knowledgeable customer services team on 0845 221 302 or email our Customer Service Team.

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