How the NHS and Healthcare can utilise Text Messaging

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Question….Can a simple Text Message help the NHS?

Answer…. A resounding YES!

Healthcare-SMSNow doctors, healthcare workers and administrators can employ SMS technology to improve healthcare services for patients and relieve their workload at the same time. Because SMS messages are targeted messages they can provide an excellent method of promoting health campaigns (for example, giving up smoking, and dietary updates), and notifications (e.g. appointment reminders), and of course sending personal health updates and medical information. Because SMS messages are sent to the specific individual they ensure direct and discreet messaging - important when relaying health updates or intricate medical instructions. The recipient can also refer back to their text messages where a phone call in this instance wouldn’t be sufficient. Of course SMS messages can be read at any time and any place, consequently they will never be as intrusive as a telephone call. Therefore SMS is a perfect means of effective communication for all healthcare organisations. Further SMS benefits in this area are outlined below.

SMS Benefits for Healthcare:


Problem TextAnywhere Solution Benefits
Patients miss appointments Send SMS notifications 1-2 days before the appointment No more stoppage delays – more efficient process
Patients forget or skip annual check-ups Send regular SMS notifications before the check-up date Patients prefer to go to those doctors who care about them and send them reminders
Quick and accurate notification of test results Communicate results of diagnostic tests in SMS It eases the workload of the staff. Plus the recipient has confidential information about their health and a detailed record should they need to refer to at a later date
Communication with field workers An SMS message can updated them without the intrusion of a phone call This solution improve communication flow and ensure safety for workers
Long wait times at the Surgery/Clinic With a simple SMS patients can be notified of waiting times Happier patients, more relaxed workers
Health organisations have to keep colleagues and patients informed Use of SMS technology is the ideal medium to communicate with both patients and colleagues Improved communication flow throughout

 How SMS can assist:


NHS text messaging solution

Reduce missed appointment rates
Help patients to remember to take their medication
Improve patient communication - e.g. Test Results
Promotion of Health Campaigns with embedded links and contact numbers
Sending motivation SMS’s - e.g. Weight Loss / Stop Smoking
Dedicated Text Back numbers to advertise Health Campaigns
(Or just so patients know who the message is from)
Increase Surgery/Clinic efficiency

Through the implementation of SMS technology into your communication strategy, healthcare organisations gain a number of advantages. The TextAnywhere Developer Toolkit with industry standard APIs provide IT Departments with the ability to integrate an automated text-messaging capability in to both existing and future applications or websites. Our Developer Centre will provide you with the resources you need to help you easily and swiftly integrate text messaging in to your application or web site. We have detailed information on the APIs we provide, as well as code samples, Service Test functions, and access to assistance. Click here to visit the Developer Centre.

You may also want to take look our TextEmail service. You can quickly and easily send SMS text messages from any email application to any mobile phone through our email-to-SMS gateway, and receive replies and delivery confirmations by return. We offer two different email-to-SMS services – a service for any email system, and a service specifically for Microsoft Outlook OMS. With both services you just pay for the messages that you send.  For further information on TextEmail please take a look here

Contact Us: Our friendly Customer Service Team are here to help should you need any further information or assistance so please do get in touch. Tel 08451 221 302 or you can email us at We have a Support Team who can assist too with any API / Text Gateway related questions too, they can be reached on the same contact details above. Just simply speak to the Support Team.

To open an account, please complete our short form to register for a Free Trial account by clicking here.

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 Happy Texting from all at TextAnywhere

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Here's to a Hoppy Easter

by admin 25. March 2015 10:00

Easter is often considered a celebration of renewal, new beginnings, both in what the holiday represents itself, but also as it is celebrated around the same time as a new financial year and a brand new season. Not forgetting the Easter Bunny, chocolate eggs and that long awaited 4 day weekend!

It’s important not to forget that while school is out and the house is therefore filled with the anticipation that only the thought of a dozen big chocolate eggs can bring, for the working world however it really is business as usual. Don’t sit back and put things off until ‘after the holidays’, but instead, think about how this seasonal trigger can actually help your SMS marketing efforts!

Besides the obvious cost effectiveness of SMS marketing, there are other remarkable advantages of SMS marketing to consider.

So why SMS..?

  • More people use Text Messaging over phone calls. Did you know 97.5% of text (SMS) messages are read within 5 seconds of being received
  • Studies have reported 81 per cent of adults keep their mobile switched on all of the time even when they are in bed
  • Sending a Texts is not only opened far quicker than an email, but it’s more likely to be opened and read, apart from the fact that most emails can disappear into junk or spam folders.
  • Lastly and more importantly response rates for mobile are 4 times higher than other direct marketing mediums

It's hard to ignore those statistics! so this Easter why not...

...utilise our Text Campaign tool?

TextCampaign has been designed to enable clients such as yourself to create, manage and monitor your own large-scale (often referred to as bulk) SMS marketing campaigns.

...promote your business/offers/adverts with a Short Code?

TextAnywhere provides a range of free-to-use online applications for organisations wishing to use Short Code numbers and Keywords (for example, INFO (or EGG!) on 81025) in your inbound text message marketing campaigns. With our Short Code services, anyone texting in to you is just charged their standard network rate for sending a text. Short code rental pricing can be found HERE.

For further advise or support please do contact one of our friendly Customer Service Team on 08451 221 302, or visit our TextCampaign and TextPremium pages online.


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Reap the Rewards with Seasonal SMS Marketing

by admin 6. March 2015 13:00

Marketing doesn’t have to be rocket science.  Studies have shown that seasonal marketing is one of the most effective times to communicate with existing and potential customers, and converting the all-important revenue opportunities. With text messages being opened within 3 minutes, SMS marketing can be a great way of increasing business. With the help of TextAnywhere’s simple to use to use services, organising an SMS marketing campaign couldn't be easier!


We all know that gyms and fitness centres have great offers especially after Christmas and New Year, and the run to the summer, where getting in shape is paramount for a beach holiday.  So why not use this as a perfect opportunity to seasonally target your customer audience. With 93% of people having their mobile phones a meter away from them 24/7, sending a personalised seasonal text campaign will mean existing and potential clients are most likely to act upon this.


Of course, seasonal trends differ from industry to industry, but the same values will apply. Restaurants, or spa and beauty centres, could hit the bullseye with a perfectly pampered text message in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day*. Try not to focus on sales, create a message to make your customers feel valued, maybe offering them something exclusive that they can use for Mother’s Day? Messages may even be shared from one person to another… what could be better than free word of mouth advertising? And when you see that full restaurant, or happy lively beauty salon, you know it’ll be a great advertisement in itself too.

Using TextCampaign and identifying the key seasonal trends for your business, it’s possible to easily and efficiently promote any company offers you might have throughout the year with a few simple mouse clicks. SMS campaigns can be as short, or as long, as you need allowing you to get the most of your seasonal targeting and special event text messages.

For more information on how TextAnywhere can help you get started with your seasonal SMS, please call our friendly Customer Service Team on 08451 221 302 or email us at

*Don't forget Mother's Day in the UK is Sunday the 15th March, why not try using these simple tips and to maximise your campaign on this popular and sentimental day. 

Happy Texting from all at TextAnywhere

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Back to Basics - Why Mobile doesn't mean you should forget your marketing fundamentals

by admin 4. March 2015 11:00

As marketing professionals, it can often feel like every month there’s a new platform to consider and a new method of engaging with consumers offered by the rise of technology. 

We’re often told that mobile methods have changed the practise of marketing and re-written the rules of communication. A moment of panic is common for any marketer who discovers a platform they’re unfamiliar with in discussion with colleagues, and the feeling of being left behind is as pervasive as it is uncomfortable.

But is the accepted wisdom that mobile is a game-changer really the case? Once the hype subsides on a new communication outlet, the rationale for how, and indeed if, a marketing team want to leverage it always comes back to the basic principles of marketing communication; how we deliver a brands’ message, content or promotion to their target audience in the most effective way, drawing on market knowledge, customer insight, brand values and value proposition. 

Whilst mobile platforms and new technology methods may form part of the methodology for achieving this, the suggestion that old tried and tested media outlets immediately become redundant is somewhat misleading. Indeed in many cases, it’s more a question or re-interpretation than of total change, such as broadcast advertising switching from television to YouTube, or from a print advert in a newspaper appearing instead as a banner advert on the publication’s web pages.

For the media outlets, these changes could signify a vast change and might seriously impact the management and profitability of some of the more traditional channels, for marketing personnel the effect of the change is one of evolution, not revolution. Each of these new platforms requires specialist personnel with a degree of technical knowledge; however the core skill set and the principles of marketing communication do not greatly differ. 

Each media channel has be carefully selected, managed and connected to broader campaign activity and the skill of devising and delivering this strategy is the fundamental function of the marketer, irrespective of the tools they use. 

It’s certainly true that mobile technology gives us more choices of how we reach the consumer and greater possibilities for interaction with them, but the ways in which we do this and the messages we deliver remain the same. The biggest challenge is selecting the most relevant platforms and connecting the approach, and that’s where the skill of the marketer is paramount to success.

If you would like to know more about SMS marketing and how it can help your business, please visit the TextAnywhere website, or call our friendly Customer Service Team on 08451 220 302. 

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How to use SMS Mobile Marketing in the Recruitment Industry

by admin 27. February 2015 10:45

SMS mobile marketing is extremely flexible in regards to the number of industries you can use it for. Pretty much any industry that deals with communicating with either their staff, consumers or even business to business can utilise the simple yet incredible effective text message marketing strategy. The recruitment industry is just one example of and industry which can utilise text message marketing and here are just a few of the examples as to how to do this!

Relationship Building

Whether you want to build a relationship with a new or current client or just want to keep your candidates updated with what’s going on, text messaging is an opportune way in which you can build relationships. By keeping a log of all your contacts and using TextAnywhere segmentation service, you can keep all your contacts organised in different groups for easy and effect messaging. Personalising your messages is a great way to make your clients or candidates happy, try congratulating a candidate on a great interview. Whether it’s an industry event, right through to birthdays, you can personalise your messages to your recipient, this means better relationship building, better client base with the end goal being a higher ROI. 

Notifying of Roles

If a new job position comes available, you might want to notify potential candidates immediately in order to get the recruiting process going and place them quickly ahead of competitions. Text messaging is an instant, cost effect and time efficient way of doing this. You may even want to send out a bulk message notifying a number of candidates about the role who you think would be suitable for the position.

Reminders and Organising Meetings

With many interviews happening and client meetings going on, the organisation of these events needs to be swift and instant. Text messaging allows you to organise meetings with your clients and reminding candidates of important dates such as interviews or any training that may be going on. Once these have been sent out, your receiver can opt in to respond to the messages, alerting you of dates, times or even just a confirmation. 

These are just a few examples of how the recruitment industry can utilise text messaging for the benefit of the business. If you are interested in how you can utilise SMS marketing for your business or recruitment consultancy, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team on 08451 221 302 for more information about TextAnywhere, or register for a free trial account here. 


The 3 Don’ts of SMS Marketing

by admin 20. February 2015 10:30

With SMS marketing there are many do’s to make your campaign successful. The content you send out, responding to your customer, making it personal, the list goes on. However with a text message marketing strategy you may be doing everything correctly to create the perfect campaign, but it could be the things you shouldn’t be doing that are being missed. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your account, by NOT doing certain things.

The 3 biggest mistakes of an SMS campaign are:

  • Bad content
  • Over or under sending of messages
  • Lack of direction for the customer

Bad content

Getting the content of your messages right is absolutely essential for a good campaign to become a really successful campaign. Sending out a campaign that contains spammy, low quality content is more detrimental that sending out no campaign at all. As simple and basic as it may be, checking spelling and grammar within your messages is vital, any mistakes will quickly be picked up and customers will deem your campaign as rubbish. Also, remember to update content regularly; sending out the same generic message time after time will soon lead your customers to deem your messages as annoying junk. Keeping up with regular, fresh and interesting content allows for a keen interest every time a message is sent out. It’s these simple errors that considerably reduce the integrity of your SMS Campaign and put customers off. Reinforce the value of your message with quality content.

Over or under sending messages

Over or under sending messages to customers can be very damaging to your business, as simple as it may sound, sending the right amount of texts is as important a factor as sending a successful campaign. We suggest an average number of perhaps 2-3 texts however every business is different with a variety of needs and events. Find out what works best your business and run with it. Timing is also crucial in regards to your Text Message Campaign. This is why TextAnywhere have incorporated our scheduled message option, to give you the opportunity to send out your messages, at the right time without having to physically be at your desk at the time of send. 

Lack of direction for your customer

So, you’ve perfected your campaign, your quality is spot on and your timing is absolutely perfect. Your customer receives the message, loves what you’re saying and…what next? The last topic is very important. Always include a point of contact, or call to action, within your message to ensure that your customers can get straight back to either your website, social media platform or call you directly. Don't miss out on the opportunity you've set up.  Your customer want to interactive with you, and it'll keep them coming back if they know you're there and listening.

For more information on how TextAnywhere can help you with your SMS Marketing visit or call our Customer Service Team on 08451 221 302.

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Mobile Marketing for Events and Festivals

by admin 12. February 2015 11:00

Many festival organisers are noticing the importance of mobile marketing and mobile interaction prior to and during events.  Exhibition organisers and the many thousands of traders that attend these events are also benefiting from mobile marketing in the same fashion. As most people carry their mobiles with them to festivals and exhibitions this provides a unique platform for businesses in the event industry to promote their shows and products.  

Purchasing of tickets can now be done via mobile phones and presenting a ticket in this way may also be more convenient for both festival promoter and attendee alike.  There is a definite saving on paper and postal costs for the organiser, and this method provides greater security and lessens the chance of fraudulent tickets being offered too.

Event companies can use this great opportunity to add to their mobile database by getting customers to opt-in when completing on-line booking forms and the like. Whatever the promotion offered, this is a positive way to reach an engaging audience and respects people’s privacy rights.  Clear opt-out text procedures help to provide customers with reassurance if they wish to discontinue a subscription.

Supporting all this with responsive sites, mobile sites and mobile apps enrich the user experience for attendees of an event and assist in the marketing and promotion for event organisers:

  • Attendees can instantly access event details, timetables and announcements of special or unplanned gatherings
  • A tap-to-map feature allows individuals to easily find event locations using GPS
  • Links to Facebook and other social media sites for posts, reviews and sharing of information
  • The uploading of photos to online galleries to share fun moments
  • The scanning of QR codes, to direct people to mobile landing pages for event information, competitions and giveaways

Every time an event attendees interacts in this way organisers have a better opportunity to get people to opt-in for other subscriptions.  This then adds to the size and effectiveness of the event organiser’s database for future SMS services and marketing opportunities.  Also, by texting at regular intervals, customers are reminded of products or services which helps keep customers from straying to competitors.

Event organisers and exhibitors can make good use of text services to create dynamic campaigns to their willing subscribers to drive sales and reduce waste of perishable items such as stock and event tickets.  And by utilising SMS services critical event information can be shared quickly, as well as creative lead generation via interactive texting which can only be of benefit to the attendee and event promoter alike:

  • Using short codes to engage subscribers
  • Mass messaging attendees with festival and event announcements
  • Texting mobile coupons to promote products and services
  • Creating mobile polls to gain customer feedback and opinion
  • Text to win competitions and giveaways to attract subscribers and promote events
  • Text service to thank attendees and announce future events and promotions

Like other marketing mediums it is important to measure performance and detail any areas that need improvement and to enhance future marketing campaigns.  This can easily be done using an SMS service by tracking the click, keyword, call, coupon response rates and reply messages from your SMS campaign.  

For more information on the range of TextAnywhere products, please visit our website or call our Customer Service Team on 08451 221 302 who will be happy to help you.

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SMS and the Dating Industry

by admin 6. February 2015 09:30

Here's my number... text me...

SMS marketing for the dating industry may seem an unusual approach to many.  The dating world is tough, relentless, challenging, unique and, if you work really hard, sometimes rewarding. That’s not news. But how on earth are we to keep up a successful dating life when we have a house to run, a job to keep and a social life to live? Sometimes when your dating life throws you lemons, you throw them back, grab the ice cream and watch Bridget Jones, sighing at the brutal similarities. The world was blown away with the introduction of internet dating. Sites such as your own offer hopeful singletons solace, in that they can handily sift through potential matches, and pick off the best of the bunch... even on a lunch hour. But are you utilising SMS marketing to offer your customers even more?

Whilst at work people aren't necessarily on your site but their phones are by their side. So it goes without saying this is an optimum opportunity to communicate with site users via SMS dating. It's not just work, either - who checks dating sites when doing the school run, at the hairdressers or when at the gym?  By utilising SMS marketing you can reach your users absolutely any time, absolutely anywhere! The options are endless, you can keep users fully informed on news, advertising functions that may otherwise go unused. 

Because text messages are sent to users' mobiles you can keep them fresh and up to the minute. That means they could be getting sent crucial tips on how to dress to impress for that big date… whilst getting a new hair style for the big night! Your customer could receive helpful weekly dating tips as they are at an exercise class or in the gym, and they can even learn a few cheesy chat up lines as you mill around the frozen food aisle, or picking up their lunchtime snack. There is a huge gap that is not being utilised.

The truth is, we aren’t using our mobiles to their maximum for SMS in the dating industry, and it’s a crying shame! By adopting SMS marketing for dating websites it allows that extra channel to communicate with users. This adds personality to the brand, increases the likelihood that site users will use less well known functions, and of course will be profitable to you. Be the pioneer. Why not start using SMS marketing and help your customer get connected.

For more information on how TextAnywhere can help you with your text campaigns, call our Customer Service Team on 08451 221 302, or register for a free trial account with us now.


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Make Someone’s Valentine’s Day Special - The Power of Texting!

by admin 4. February 2015 12:00

Reportedly, Britons are predicted to spend £10m on their wives, husbands - and prospective partners - on Valentine's Day gifts, going out and weekends away.  Much like Christmas and Halloween, this special occasion see’s consumer’s spending money and planning weeks ahead of the actual date.  So, to make sure your customers don’t miss out on special offers you’ve got planned during this love-ly spending spree, please see our top text messaging tips below…


If you’ve been a little quiet recently, why not reconnect with you customers this Valentine’s Day by inviting them to a special Valentine’s events hosted by your shop, salon, restaurant or hotel.  During the gathering provide them with an incentive to join your text distribution list by inviting them to take part in “Text to Win” competitions or “Subscribe to receive amazing special discounts”.  This is a great way to build up your database to use for future SMS marketing and promotions.

Customers, Profiling, Text, Survey


Of course, you want to make sure your text marketing content is relevant to most demographics for the widest reach possible, so building an accurate distribution list is really important.  With your fresh distribution list in hand you could ask them to complete a survey and provide profile data which will afford you with lots of information for sending the best offers and writing the best content over the Valentine’s period, as well as in the future.

Occasional short text surveys will help you keep relevant and up to date information for all your customers’ likes and wants and provide them with offers on products and services they are likely to be interested in throughout the year. Reach out to your customer by asking them to “Text your postal or shipping address to receive free delivery”, “Text your name and age to ... ” or even “Register now to receive monthly discounts”.  


Valentines, SMS, Special Offers, Vouchers, Promotions

Special occasions and seasonal offers are a great opportunity for your business to reach out to clients and potential customers.  A simple text campaign to all your customers, which includes a promotional code for opportunity to win something special, or exclusive, that they can forward to their family and friends, could work wonders on your sales figures.  Why not also share the love during Valentine’s week with romantic mobile content - a celebrity love story, a quote, a poem, a nice discount offer or a free give-away opportunity.

Grab your customers’ attention with personalised messages too, and by including a short code you’re helping provide a method for them to easily take you up on the offers you send.   Your customers will appreciate the different approach and may just decide to forward it to their friends to take up on the offer too – what a great way generate business and promote the name of your company too. 

REMIND ME Text, Reminders, Delivery, Collection, Alerts

The weeks before Valentine’s Day are often a busy period for many, some may even forget that Valentine’s day is approaching! So how about a text reminder to help out? A little prompt to collect a gift, or book a special event, may help your customers stay in the good books with their loved ones, and will likely keep them coming back to you in the future.  Plus as everyone is so busy general text reminders and confirmations are invaluable.

The options are endless… here are just a few examples…

“Text FLOWERS to 81025 to win a dozen red roses. Opt out text STOP”

“Spread the love this Valentine’s Day. 2 for 1 on hot stone massage this week at Sarah’s Spa. Text LOVESPA to 81026. To opt out text STOP”

“Don’t forget your Flowers or Chocolates this Valentine’s Day. No need to stop at the garage on Friday night - we can deliver it for you. Text MYGIFTS to 81025 for a call back. Opt out? text STOP”

“Dear John, want to surprise you loved one with something different this Valentine’s Day… nothing say’s I Love You more than a hot air balloon flight. Text AIRLOVE to 81026 for an exclusive discount code. To opt out text STOP”  ....  “Thanks for texting AIRLOVE.  Book online at and claim your 30% discount with code 12345. As an extra thank you, we’ll also include Champagne and Chocolates during your flight”

“Dear Jane, we know you’re gorgeous already, but we want to make sure you look your best for Valentine’s Day. Book full body spray tan & get free manicure, this week only. Text STOP to opt out”

“Dear John, save a smouldering 25% discount on 1 nights stay at The Top Notch Hotel this Valentine’s Day with presentation of this coupon. To opt out text STOP”

“Still need to arrange your romantic dinner? Why not join us at The Lodge for our 3 course Valentine’s dinner (£35 p/hd). Call us on 01234567891 and claim your free bottle of Champagne by quoting CHAMPERS at the time of booking. Limited spaces available.”

“Your flowers have been delivered to 12 Upton Path at 12:30pm today. Thank you for your business. Happy Valentine’s Day. Text STOP to opt out”

“Thank you for your order. Your Hidden Chef Valentine’s Meal will be ready for your collection at 4:30pm on 14th February 2015. Happy Valentine’s Day. To opt out text STOP”

These are just a few of our idea’s to help you get the most out of Valentine’s Day sales. If you’d like any more information on how TextAnywhere products and service can help you deliver your Valentine’s messages, please call our friendly Customer Service Team on 08451 221 302, or visit our website for more information.

Happy Valentine’s

From everyone at TextAnywhere

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How to Maximise your Survey's Potential – Why SMS?

by admin 29. January 2015 11:00


In a perfect world you’d know exactly what your customers were thinking and would be able to satisfy their needs. Sadly, unless you have super natural talents, things don’t work out that way and this is why you need to hear more from your customers. Sending surveys are imperative as they give you the ability to gain more knowledge of your customers and, at the same time, letting them know you’re LISTENING. By allowing your customers to talk to you, not only will they grow to love your business but also you can use this feedback to ensure your support is the best it possibly can be – it’s the perfect marketing tool!

FACT - Text messaging has a far higher response rate than email. This is why we created our TextSurvey tool giving you the ability to create anything from a simple 1 question survey to a highly customised survey, all with a comprehensive reporting system – now you can’t ask more than that?

Feedback SMS Surveys Customer Responses

How does TextSurvey benefit you? 

Free Creation!

When using TextSurvey with our reply-paths you only pay for the messages you send out. You can create as many surveys as you like and even copy and paste a survey – a cost effective marketing tool!

Free Replies!

Why would we want to charge you to receive vital information? That just wouldn’t be fair! There are no extra costs to receive replies from your surveys and it will only cost your customer their standard network rate to reply back. 

Free Reporting!

A key feature of TextSurvey is the reporting function, which is again at no extra cost to you. There is no point asking your customers to give you important information and feedback without being able to review it. The report gathers together useful data such as how many people responded to your survey along with their responses. This can be accessed whilst the survey is active or inactive, and you can download this data to Excel to review in more detail.

You are in control!

Control Text Survey Schedule

With TextSurvey the sky is your limit – you can determine how much control you have of your survey. You choose which questions are sent out depending on certain replies you receive and if you have an introductory message you can specify the length of time before your first survey question goes out – letting you sit back and relax whilst TextSurvey works for you!  

Make sure they know it’s from YOU!

TextSurvey will automatically use one of our free reply-path numbers when sending your questions; this is fine if you are looking to send a simple survey. However it can get confusing for your customer if you’re sending a large survey if your number keeps on changes each time. This is why TextSurvey also has the capability to send using a dedicated TextInbound number.

Now you know the importance of sending customer surveys, and the benefits of how TextSurvey makes this easier for you, why don’t you give it a try yourself? Feel free to log in to your account, or sign up for a free trial with TextAnywhere, and try this out for yourself today. If you have any questions please contact on our friendly UK Customer Service Team on 08451 221 302 who are always more than happy to help!

Happy Texting

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