Track Mobile Marketing Campaigns With Google Analytics In 5 Simple Steps!

by Marketing 13. September 2016 15:09

Have you ever wondered how to accurately monitor traffic generated to your website through your SMS marketing or bulk messaging campaigns? What if your call to action is to get people to a particular page on your website? All those little links you include in your text messages can and should be tracked. It allows you to measure the effectiveness of a particular SMS campaigns and help you with your marketing analysis. It’s quick to do and only takes 5 simple steps!

(NOTE: This only works if you have Google Analytics code implemented correctly on your web or mobile site. You can use Tag Assistant (by Google) to verify that your tags are in order.)

  1. Decide on the Landing Page

Decide on the URL/landing page you plan to send to your clients in your text message campaigns. This should be a mobile optimised page and already be tagged with your Universal Analytic tracking code.



2. Go to Google’s URL Builder

Once you have your chosen URL, go to Google’s URL Builder tool here.

3. Add Parameters to the URL

Use the input fields to add parameters to the URL. This will tell Google Analytics where the visitor is coming from, for example if you put “SMS” for the campaign source it will then show the visitor coming from the source “SMS” in your Google Analytics reports whenever the link is clicked.


4. Shorten the Link

Once you’ve added the parameters to the URL, you can convert it to a shortened URL to minimise character length in your text message. This can be done using external tools such as Bitly or Google URL Shortener.


5. Test and Go

To ensure you have set this up correctly send yourself a test text messaging with the URL you just created and click the link. Use the Real-Time reports under “Traffic Sources” in Google Analytics to see if it worked. Note: Make sure the Google Analytics report has a view with no filters.


For further information on tracking SMS campaigns with Google Analytics or information on our services please feel free to contact our experienced SMS customer care team on 0845 112 1302 or email

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15+ SMS Survey Ideas To Use Improve Your Business Today

by Marketing 1. September 2016 14:37

Surveys are a crucial part of every business/marketing strategy as it allows them to test and measure the performance of key factors. One of biggest struggle that everyone faces with surveys is getting them completed. More and more companies are ditching traditional survey techniques and implementing Text Surveys due to people being 8 times more likely to respond to a text message compared to email. Results are not only high in volume, but also quick with completion. Studies show that results are also more genuine and honest due to feeling non-pressurised from the comfort of their phone.

So how can you create the perfect SMS survey to benefit your business? We’ve created over 15 idea templates that you can use below for your inspiration when designing your survey.


Market Research

Are you a startup/entrepreneur? Or maybe looking to learn more about your current customers? Either way it’s important to find out who your audience is so you are able to communicate yourself appropriately from your marketing strategy right through your overall business goals.

  • Customer demographics: find out who your customers are asking relevant information such as: age, gender, location, profession, household size, income, education.
  • Psychographic Questions:Ask about their interests, hobbies, opinions or anything else that will help you learn more about your customers.
  • Buying Patterns: want to learn more about their buying patterns? Are you researching for a new product? Start by asking some of these questions to find out more:

                      - Do you ever purchase X?

- Where do you go when you look for X?

- How often do you purchase X?

- How long does it take for you to make a purchase decision?

- What is typical budget for X?


Customer Satisfaction

Gaining feedback from your customers about your product or service is crucial. It allows you to see what is currently working within your business and what appropriate changes you should or shouldn’t take. It’s the perfect test and measurement tool! Some ideas you can use is:

  • Find out how satisfied are your customers are with a particular product/service you offer and want to improve. Examples:
    • How many times a week do you use X in your home?
    • Name 3 things you would like to see improved from X.
    • What do you think of X new feature?
    • Do you like the improved packaging from X?


  • Run a survey to find out what you done well during their experience with you such as visiting your online/offline store and how you can improve their visit next. Examples:
    • From a scale of 1 - 5 how would you rate the staff of today’s store?
    • How would you rate your experience visiting us via our app today?
    • How useful was the live chat service on our site today?


  • Send a survey when a customer has completed a customer service call. For example:
    • From a scale of 1 - 5 how would you rate the overall call?
    • From a scale of 1 - 5 how would you rate the waiting time?
    • Did you gain all the information you needed from today’s call?
    • What improvements would you suggest for next time?


  • Looking to launch a new product/service? Ask your customers their thoughts on potential new ideas to get a feel for the market.
    • What are the 3 key problems you find when X?
    • Are you using any products to help assist with X? If so please name them.
    • Would you use a product that would help prevent X?
    • Would you be interested in testing a X?


  • Send a survey once a delivery has been completed. Find out how customer experience was using the delivery service. Examples:
    • Please can you rate your satisfaction from today’s delivery?
    • How helpful was the driver in assisting you with your shopping?
    • Did the driver explain why some items were swapped from your food order?
    • Would you use this service again and why?


Event Planning

When running an event it’s important to sure that you meet your attendees needs. Using a survey can help maximise your event planning by obtaining feedback before, during and after your event to make your next one is even better!

  • Before the event - whilst planning the event you send a short survey to potential attendees asking them questions to help you prepare and plan to fit their needs accordingly. For example:
    • Name 3 speakers who would love to see attend the show?
    • How do you feel with X location? What are your likes and dislikes?
    • What are your overall goals that you would like to achieve attending the event?
    • Do you prefer a sit down meal or buffet?
    • What price range do you feel is reasonable for X event?
    • Can you name any other topics that you think would be suitable for this event?
    • What things would you like to see in a goodybag from this event?


  • During the event: Get interactive and run a survey during the conference you are running. Your audience will become more engaging within your conference/event and have real time interaction.
    • For example if your doing a presentation and want to get people responses quickly get them to quickly text into your TextInbound number and display results on screen with our reporting tool.


  • After the event - how do you measure a success of an event? Asking your attendees is the only way to truly find out! Taking feedback can ensure that you maximise growth for your next show:
    • From a scale 1 - 10 how would you rate the event overall?
    • What 3 things did you love the most from the show?
    • What 3 things do you feel needs to improved next time?
    • Would you attend again next year?
    • What was your favourite talk/discussion?
    • From a scale of 1 - 10 how would you rate the location/venue?




Employees are the heart of every business and they are the ones that keep the business going. Without them no business could survive! If your staff are feeling unsatisfied this will reflect in their work performance which will then impact on your business performance and therefore your customers. Nearly 70% of employees think their organisation should use text messaging to communicate with employees!

  • Staff Satisfaction:How satisfied are your staff? Happy staff means a successful business, if your staff are demotivated this will lower productivity and efficiency of your company. Ask them questions such as:
    • Do you like the new office layout?
    • What changes would you like to see the cafe offering for staff lunches?
    • What activities would you like the business to part take in?
    • What rewards would you like to be offered when group/personal targets are met?
    • Are there any aspects of the business you feel need to be improved on?


  • Career Development: find out how satisfied your employees are with their career development.
    • From a scale of 1-5 how satisfied are you with your training and personal development
    • How satisfied are you with the work opportunities you have?
    • Are you pleased with the career advancements available?


  • Recruitment: use SMS surveys to assist you in your recruitment process. You can send applicants an initial questionnaire which will assist in your selection process.
    • Do you have experience in working with X ?
    • In the last 3 years have you attended X ?
    • Are you comfortable using X software for day to day business?
    • Do you live X miles away from X?
    • Are you available to start working from X?  
    • What are your 3 key skills that you



A recent study shows that over half of healthcare providers measure employee satisfaction as part of their effort to offer great care. Without this measurement you could be overlooking a key element that impacts patient satisfaction and health outcomes!

Patient Satisfaction:  Understand your patient's’ experiences – and their expectations.  Examples:

  • Patient Safety: Ask your patients how satisfied they feel with the safety of the medical environment they were in and any improvements that need to be made.
  • Patient Satisfaction: Ensuring patients expectations are met along with hearing their experiences to improve upon.

Healthcare Employee Engagement: Employee engagement surveys make sure medical staff have everything they need to put patients first. Healthcare employees need to be trained and motivated in order to care for patients correctly.

  • Work Environment Survey:
    • From a scale of 1 - 10 how satisfied are you with your work culture?
    • In your department how quickly do employees adapt to difficult situations?
    • Employees here keep going when the going gets tough. Agree, unsure, disagree?
    • Employees here always take on new tasks willingly? Agree (1), Unsure(2), Disagree(3)
  • Employee Engagement Survey:
    • What is your job role?
    • What department do you work in?
    • Are you inspired to meet your goals at work and why?
    • Do you feel completely involved at work?
    • Do you feel the work days go quickly because of your involvement?
  • Career Development Questions.


Medical Research: Use surveys to help innovate and improve the quality of healthcare. Collect data for basic research, clinical trials and more. Examples for diet & fitness research:

  • Do you keep track of your daily sugar intake?
  • How many times a week do you exercise?
  • In a typical day how many of your meal/snacks include fruit & veg?
  • How many ready meals do you eat in a typical week?
  • Do you nutrition supplements?
  • What is your biggest reason if you are unable to exercise?

These are just a few ways in which you can use SMS surveys to test and measure key aspects within your business.Learn more about Text Survey for businesses by reading our blog here. If you want more tips on how maximise your survey potential by read our infographic which details 5 simple steps to follow. Download our FREE brochure today to find out why our Text Survey tool has been rated the best SMS Survey tool by our customers today.

For more information on about creating text message surveys or our Text Survey product please feel free to contact our experienced SMS customer care team on 0845 112 1302 or email

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In-store Consumer Habits Are Changing!

by Marketing 11. August 2016 12:26

Retail businesses that run their store online will hear that they should ensure their website is mobile friendly. Those who run their shop from the high street mobile friendly too!grounds surely just need to make sure they are in the right location and decorated correctly right? No! High street shops need to ensure that their store is mobile friendly too.

New research from Hitwise shows how in-store shopping habits have changed, and mobile usage has increased. It reveals that mobile devices have become to in-store shopping and indicates why retailers must adjust their campaigns to meet changing customer behaviours. Further research shows that 90% of people use their smartphone while shopping in store. (SessionM)

While you might be running your business the old fashioned way, your customer's behaviour have changed, and will wonder around your store with their mobile in their hands. 

So what exactly are consumers searching for their mobile while they are in store? A study from Retale reveals that there is a slight difference between woman and men....

In-store women are searching:

1. 66% Are searching for coupons or deals

2. 62% Accessing saved coupons

3. 62% Comparing prices

In-store men are searching:

1. 53% Are checking product reviews

2. 52% Are comparing prices

3. 50% Finding nearby store locations

The study also found that 57% of shoppers were more likely to shop at a store if there were available deals/offers in store.

It also found that 76% of customers were more likely to buy at a store if loyalty programs were available. 

High street stores should not be frightened by the new digital ways and grab this opportunity to push their sales further. Now you know what exactly your customer habits are, instead of ignoring them you should consider these tips to maximise in store experience:

1. Mobile loyalty reward scheme - promote within your store your own mobile loyalty reward scheme. For example, customers who sign up to your mobile loyalty scheme will receive 10% off their first purchase. After joining your scheme, you can push through any discounts, offers, events and relevant news that is exclusive to them only.  An easy way to legitimately obtain and grow your opt-in database, and increase sales! 

2. Targeted deals -  shoppers are busy searching for the best deal. So save them some time by sending them personalised and targeted deals. They will appreciate and enjoy the fact that you are sending them deals that are exclusive them. 

3. Customer Surveys - how do customers feel visiting your store? how will you know? Getting clients to fill out a short customer satisfaction survey would be the answer. Sending an SMS Survey is ideal as it's simple to complete and you get fast responses. People also feel less pressurised, and you get honest answers that add value.

4. Competitions - getting your consumers engaging with you and their mobile phones by running mobile competitions/giveaways. Advertise in store a short-code and keyword for customers to enter into your giveaway. For example, people can text WIN to 81025 - for a chance to be entered to a 100 worth of vouchers. 

5. Make it seamless - A retailer should avoid limiting a customer’s choice to a certain product and instead present a range of items across online and bricks and mortar stores to ensure demand for options is reflected as part of a complete retail experience. Using SMS notifications can help make the transition between this clearer.

Still not sure how to make SMS work for your store? Want to know more about our Text services? Please feel free to contact our friendly customer care team on 0845 112 1302 or email

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TextAnywhere is now a confirmed as G-Cloud 8 Digital Marketplace supplier

by Marketing 4. August 2016 15:49

TextAnywhere is delighted to have an agreement in place with the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) to provide a range of SMS products and services.The TextAnywhere SMS products and services agreement supports the Government’s policy centrally to manage the procurement of common goods and services through an integrated commercial function at the heart of government. The TextAnywhere Products and service available via the arrangement are:

  • TextOnline

Text Online is a simple, secure browser-based application to send TEXT / SMS messages to mobile contacts from an on-line address book. Receive replies on-line or to e-mail and includes delivery reports.

  • TextCampaign

TextCampaign will enable you to construct quickly and professionally and execute your text-message marketing campaigns. Whether you are sending out 100 messages or one hundred thousand messages, TextCampaign will deliver your message to your audience, swiftly and reliably.

  • TextSurvey

TextSurvey can create a simple to complex, single, multi-question or multi-routed personalised SMS survey online in minutes and view it in a graphical design mode. Receive invaluable client feedback, view and analyse participant responses online by return text message.

  • DeveloperCentre

TextGateway provides developers with the ability to integrate an automated text-messaging capability into existing applications and websites, and to build new applications that incorporate text-messaging functionality with an easy-to-use SMS gateway API.

TextAnywhere’s set of SMS products and services can be implemented by organisations across the UK public sector including central government, local government, health, education, devolved administrations, emergency services, defence and not-for-profit organisations.

What is the Crown Commercial Service?

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) works with both departments and organisations across the whole of the public sector to ensure maximum value is extracted from every commercial relationship and improve the quality of service delivery. The CCS goal is to become the “go-to” place for expert commercial and procurement services. 

Why choose TextAnywhere?

Our company mission is to deliver high quality, trusted text message business solutions. All our energies and resources are channelled into providing and developing ever-improving and wide-ranging text messaging solutions for our clients. With being established for 13 years, you can be confident that we are a well trusted and reliable company with an impressive 5 star rating from our customers.

We believe we are different to many other organisations. We are not a faceless Internet company; we are real people who care passionately about our business and clients.

We have earned the right to call over 12,000 UK organisations clients of ours. Our client community includes single person businesses, academic establishments, public and health sector organisations and FTSE 100 companies. All our clients share a common belief that communication with customers and colleagues can be improved using our text messaging solutions.

We are an accredited Carbon Neutral organisation, having achieved accreditation in August 2008. We offset our carbon emissions by investing in global projects that balance our carbon emissions in areas such as renewable energy, resource conservation, waste reduction, and forestry projects.

We are also committed to donating 1% of its corporate resources each year to good causes. Through our Foundation 1% of our net profit, 1% of our products and services, and 1% of our team's time is donated to not-for-profit organisations.

For more information on SMS marketing for your organisation or our services please feel free to contact our friendly customer care team on 0845 112 1302 or email

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How to stay compliant with SMS marketing!

by Marketing 26. July 2016 09:30


8.3 trillion text messages were sent worldwide in 2015 alone. That’s almost 23 billion messages per day and 16 million messages per minute. It’s therefore, no surprise that companies are increasingly choosing text message as a regular way to stay in contact with their customers. With mobile phones being the centre of our everyday lives no-one wants to have their mobile phone bombarded with spam texts advertising products and services they don't want. More than 175,000 complaints about spam text messages and cold calls were made to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in 2014. As a result, the ICO has more powers in being able to prosecute successfully those who are guilty of sending spam text messages. To support you with your SMS marketing strategy, we have put together a guide on how to ensure that your business does not come across as spamming but offers value with your messages.

What are spam text messages?

Spam text messages are unsolicited and unwanted adverts. The majority of companies that send spam messages are lead generation firms. They mainly want people to reply to their messages so that they can sell on that number to another company. They are often looking for people who want to make PPI claims, personal injury claims or to consolidate their debts. Some may announce that you've won something, or you qualify for an offer, enticing you to collect your prize by going to a website or calling a number. 

Why shouldn't organisations send spam messages? 

Growing and building your opt-in database can seem like a daunting task for businesses starting off. It may seem like an easier option to purchase people's details from a unscrupulous third-party however the consequences are fatal...

  1. It’s illegal! It is against the law to send people text messages without having received their consent prior.
  2. Poor quality lead generation - because people have not agreed to receive your messages you brand image will be incredibly damaged. Your business will be associated with spamming, and the likelihood of any sales will be low.
  3. Damaging the effectiveness of SMS marketing - with the rise of spam text messages, people are more hesitant in giving their mobile numbers freely. 

There are many benefits in obtaining people's details legitimately and simple strategies you can implement to gain them quickly.

What are the guidelines?

The ICO set the regulations for SMS marketing messages. If someone receives a spam message, it takes a matter of seconds for them to put in a complaint. They simple need to text '7726' (SPAM) with the suspected spam message. The ICO can then fine guilty companies up to £500,000, its therefore important you know the guidelines! Here are the important points from the guidelines:

  • Identity! You need to make sure the receiver can identify who you are straight away! Never hide your contact number or company name. Many companies tend to use a short code* (5 digit number). Other’s like to display their caller ID as a name such as “Bobs Motors” so the receiver is reassured the message is from a trusted company.
  • Opt-In legitimately! Any text messages you send the recipient must have voluntarily opted in to receive your messages.
  • Ability to unsubscribe! It is imperative that you give your customers the option to opt-out at any time and let them know clearly how todo so. Most companies choose the word “STOP” however you can tell them to text any choose word to any number - however this must be clear to the receiver!

How do I ensure my messages don’t look like spam? 

Even if you obtained your opt-in database legally, this still doesn't mean that you can be subject to spam reports. How your messages appear to receipts is crucial and there are a 5 key things to consider when creating your campaigns.

  1. Avoid "text speak" - messages that contain spelling errors and abbreviations are likely to appear in spam messages. A poorly worded text will make your customers feel your messages are unreliable and ignore them. With TextAnywhere you can send a maximum of 918 characters, however sometimes this can still be difficult. Remember text messages should be used to communicate clear and concise messages. If you want to send more information, then insert a URL link to a specified page in which they can read more. 
  2. Avoid frequent messages - Unlike other popular marketing channels, SMS marketing is all about quality over quantity. There is no need to compete for attention as receipts have voluntarily opted-in to your messages. Therefore there is no need to bombard people with constant messages. Not only would this be classed "spam" but there would be no engagement. Sending messages a couple of messages a month gives a strong 23% conversion rate. If you are unsure how many times you should contact your customers, simply ask them before they sign up and provide them with the option to change the frequency!
  3. Timing! It is important to consider the timing you send your messages. No one wants to receive an appointment reminder at 2am on the day of their appointment. As mobile phones are personal, be considerate and think when is appropriate to send your messages. Getting the timing of your messages right will not only reduce the chances of them opting out but also conversion rates. Test and measure various timings to find out what works best for your subscribers. Success will entirely depend on your audience, your business and what type of message you’re sending! 
  4. Provide a purpose/value - when creating your message you need to of three key things; who, what and why. Is it clear who the message is from? Is it clear what is on offer? Why are you sending the message? If you are sending a generic message with no value and hidden identity then receiver will delete it as spam. It is vital that you have a clear call to action and your message provides something useful in order for them to not unsubscribe. For example if you just launched a new redesign on your store there is no point in simply texting them to tell them this. Add value by giving them a reason to visit i.e there is a new feature, exclusive giveaway etc.
  5. Allow recipients to opt out! Ensure that it is clearly stated within your messages on how the recipient can opt-out from any future messages. For example "To opt-out from future messages text back STOP". 

How does TextAnywhere help their clients stay compliant?

At TextAnywhere we take spam very seriously. First and foremost we never use or sell any of your details to third party marketing agencies in accordance with our Information Security Policy and our obligations under the Data Protection Act. 

We consistently work very hard in ensuring our systems are free from spam messages. When opening an account with us, every single client is vetted manually by our highly experienced customer service team who are trained in spotting potential spam accounts. Our robust platform has been built to ensure that spam messages are removed from our system with various alerts.We take pride in promoting ethical text messaging which is based on ICO regulations through all our communication channels. Furthermore to support in promoting ethical text message marketing we offer a free “opt-out” service for all our clients who use our service. 

To summarise.....

Some quick tips on how to avoid coming across as a spammer: 

Never hide your identity.

• Make sure your consumers have opted in and allow them opt out. 

• Sending spam can damage your brand’s reputation, the mobile marketing industry and result in huge fines!

• Timing of your texts are important!

• Avoid the use of abbreviations, misspellings and marketing hype.

• Quality over quantity - SMS marketing messages are most effective when they aren’t sent frequently. 

• Communicate with your customers rather than try to constantly sell them your product/service!

• Your texts should always provide value to the customer.

For more information on SMS marketing or our services please feel free to contact our friendly customer care team on 0845 112 1302 or email

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20 Key Mobile Marketing Statistics For Businesses

by Marketing 13. July 2016 10:00

Mobile phones are the centre of the majority of everyone's lives and activities. The highly influential use of mobiles hasn’t gone unnoticed by marketers and in 2015 mobile marketing overtook most other forms of advertising. Now in 2016 1 in 4 marketers are planning to spend 20% more on mobile marketing than before. Consumer consumption habits have shifted from using their mobiles not only on the go but also when they are at home. Mobile marketing is a must-have strategy for every business. We compiled 20 key mobile marketing statistics on why text messaging is a powerful business tool. If you're not convinced enough already then take a look below at some of the facts:


  1. The average click-through rate on urls via SMS is 36% (FunMobility)

  2. 75% of people would like to have offers sent to them via SMS. (Digital Marketing Magazine)

  3. 66% of people subscribed to mobile marketing have made a purchase as a result of receiving a text message (Responses).

  4. SMS reminder can increase the attendance rate by 45%! (myownconference)

  5. A significant 45% of SMS campaigns generate a successful ROI, reaching over 50% when combined with other popular channels such as email and social media. (SmartInsights)

  6. A simple follow up SMS asking “have you read our email?” can help increase email open rates by 20%–30%.(SmartInsights)

  7. Response rate for marketing emails is 6% whereas 45% response rate for SMS (Business Reviews)

  8. 95% said they would respond to an SMS survey request compared to only 9% for telephone surveys (IPSOS MORI).

  9. 91% of smartphone users have their mobile device within arm's reach 24/7. (Source: Morgan Stanley)

  10. 63% of people said would give up chocolate for their phone (TeleNav)

  11. 95% of the world's population own a mobile phone compared to 75% of the world accessing emails. (CMOCOUNCIL)

  12. It takes the average person 90 minutes to respond to email, but only 90 seconds to respond to a text message. (CTIA)

  13. Smartphone users check their phones 150 times a day and 86% of all mobile users check their phones within an hour of waking up. (CMOCOUNCIL)

  14. 51% of people are spending more time on their mobile phone compared to desktop (42%) (Telecrunch)

  15. 90% of people who have joined a mobile loyalty scheme feel that the contact they have received has been valuable (Zoomerang)

  16. 38% of contact centers currently offer SMS, and 23% have plans to add it in the next 12 months. That means 61% of contact centers will offer SMS support in 2016. (Dimension Data)

  17. Nearly 70% of employees think their organisation should use text messaging to communicate with employees, and 86% say it should not be reserved for just customer communication. (Vitiello Communications Group)

  18. A 2012 study found that text was the highest rated contact method for customer satisfaction out of all other customer communication channels. Text earned 90 out of 100 points, while phone earned 77 out of 100 and Facebook earned 66. (CFI Group)

  19. One in five consumers is just as likely to prefer a text message from a business to a phone call. (ICMI)

  20. 98% of text-messages are opened within 3 minutes and email falls behind with a 22% open rate. (Mobile Marketing Watch)

Those are key text messaging statistics that we found prove SMS is the way forward for businesses. If you found them convincing but not sure how you can use text messaging in your organisation then take a look at our blogs and infographics. For more information on SMS marketing or our services please feel free to contact our friendly customer care team on 0845 112 1302 or email

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Why Text Survey For Businesses?

by Marketing 5. July 2016 09:00

We recently announced that we have been working on new enhancements to our Text Survey product. After months of our technical team endlessly working hard, we are excited to announce that the new update has gone live today. You maybe wondering what has changed and why you should start implementing SMS surveys in your business strategy today. Let’s start by taking a look at the new enhancements.

The Additional Features

  • Design Mode

The new Design Mode is an altogether better way of interacting with your survey. You get a significant graphical representation of your survey that allows you to see immediately how different answers will lead your users to different parts of your survey. It makes it much easier see if your survey is right

By having a graphical illustration of your survey, if something isn’t right Also, it’s now much easier to fix it. You can just drag and drop the connectors between questions to change their order quickly.

With the previous (and still existing) features such as placeholders and tailored responses are a little hard to find in the existing interface; they are hidden behind buttons and appear in modal dialogues that restrict your view of the rest of your survey. This isn’t the case in Design Mode as all these features are visible simultaneously.

  • Wizard

To make your SMS Survey creations easier, we’ve also added interactive help to Text Survey. Clicking the Help menu gives you a list of tutorials, each of which will highlight the relevant areas of the screen and explain how to perform various actions in an interactive way.

What are the benefits of the new Design Mode feature?

 The standard TextSurvey interface evolved over time as more features were added. This means that some features (such as predefined lists) are not available through the primary interface. Additionally, some UI features that were designed when TextSurvey was first envisaged (for example, the editor for managing responses is in a separate dialogue) no longer fit the way TextSurvey is used. The new Design Mode was created with all of TextSurvey’s existing features in mind and, because of this, it is much more suitable and easier to use. Those who want to continue using the standard TS features can still do so by just selecting the basic survey on the left-hand column.  

Predefined Lists Before:

Predefined Lists After:













 Responses Before:

Responses After:


Who would use the new enhancements?

Anybody who uses TextSurvey can benefit from the new enhancements, even those creating small, linear surveys. Those who create complex multi-path surveys will benefit the most from the Design Mode as they can see their entire survey at a glance.

Why SMS Surveys? 

Customer feedback is imperative for any business to succeed. SMS Surveys allows companies to gather valuable customer data, analyse and make necessary changes to grow and nurture their business. 95% of people said they are more likely to respond to an SMS survey compared to other forms. On average, only 9% of telephone surveys are completed which means SMS are the way forward! Here are 6 key points why you need SMS surveys in your

1. High Delivery rates - 95% of the world's population own a mobile phone compared to 75% of the world accessing emails. With SMS you will be able to reach a vast majority of your target audience. By implementing SMS, you’ll be able to communicate to the majority of your audience successfully.

2. High Open Rates - 98% of text messages read under 3 minutes compared to emails that have a low 22% open rate within 90 minutes.

3. High Response rates - Research shows that people are 8 times more likely to respond to a text-message compared to email. 

4. Quick responses - On average people respond to SMS surveys within 5 minutes compared with email surveys which have an average response time of 1 hour 4 minutes! Fast answers, means that you can make quick decisions to improve your business.

5. Honest Data - Consumers, have admitted they’re more likely, to be honest in a text survey due to feeling non-pressurised compared to telephone.]

6. High level of return - Text-message marketing is not only a cost-effective form of communication but also 45% of SMS campaigns generate a successful ROI!

Don't just take our word for it, try Text Survey today and start enjoying the benefits of SMS surveys today. For more information on how to use Text Survey or guidance on creating SMS surveys, contact our friendly customer care team on 0845 112 1302 or email


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Mobile Marketing

SMS Marketing vs Social Media

by Marketing 16. June 2016 09:00


SMS marketing and social media are both key players when it comes to a business’ core marketing strategy. They each have their own features and advantages – but which comes out on top? We’ll let you decide. Let the battle begin...

Audience reach 

With 93% of UK adults owning a mobile phone, the potential reach for both text messages is extremely high. Many social media accounts are now accessed via a smartphone, and with over 2 billion social network users worldwide, social media also has the potential to reach a huge number of users.

  • SMS

    • An impressive 98% of text messages are opened within the first three minutes of it being sent. The average click-through rate via SMS is 36% - you can see why many businesses are including hyperlinks in their messages!

  • Social Media

    • The average reach for a Facebook post is around 2%, and of that 2%, only an average of 11% engaged with said post

    • Twitter has around 100 million active users, but only a measly 29% of tweets are read!


Verdict: SMS wins


With so many smartphone users across the world, the potential engagement rate for SMS and social media can be massive. Participation can include anything from checking a mobile phone or social platform, to sending a text or posting an update.

  • SMS

    • Smartphone users check their phones 150 times a day, while 86% of all mobile users check their phones within an hour of waking up.

  • Social Media

    • Only 46% of Twitter users check their account once a day, while the average time spent per Facebook visit is 20 minutes


Verdict: SMS wins


There are many types of conversions, and these are all defined by the core business strategy and goals. It could simply be brand awareness, redeeming a particular promotion, or selling your company’s products or services.

  • SMS

    • Conversion rates via SMS have reached an apparent 23% for retailers that use promotional messaging, as well as including a limited time to redeem an offer and using a strong call to action

  • Social Media

    • According to Shopify, Facebook holds the highest conversion rate for all social e-commerce traffic at 1.85%

Verdict: SMS wins

Easy of entry

When you are ready to start your marketing promotions, how much competition will you face to get your promotional work started?

  • SMS

    • Your contacts are well-qualified, having verified their interest in your offers and willing to buy. There is no need to compete for “attention” with SMS Marketing. You can successfully engage with your audience to the offer without the need of extensive dialogue like social media.  

  • Social Media

    • Social media is a constantly changing and this can make it a competitive environment, especially when you’re a “newbie”. You need to invest serious time in building your social profiles, regularly updating your content so you don’t lose followers. People don’t go out their way to follow businesses on social media; you need to ensure you carefully tailor your message content to attract the right audience.


Verdict: SMS wins


Despite being seen as a more method, SMS marketing is the proven winner here as a more beneficial marketing tool. A significant 45% of SMS campaigns generate a favourable ROI, however, combined with other popular channels such as Social Media ROI can reach over 50%.

For more information or to discuss how SMS marketing can be beneficial to your business or organisation, contact us on 0845 122 1302 or email 

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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing for the Sports Industry

by Marketing 7. June 2016 12:28

The sports industry is huge, and possibly one of the most competitive industries in the world. Ranking in the top 15 mainstream activities in the economy, along with telecommunications and legal services - Sports is not one to be ignored! It is estimated that there are over 151,000 sports clubs in the UK, and whether a local or professional sports team, ensuring they are going mobile with their marketing this year is key. Sport fans are accessing their mobile phone's more to heighten their sporting event experience due to its real time information it provide. In order to be more successful sporting organisations can implement text message marketing and take advantage of the mobile marketing methods.


Team/Club News

Both local and professional clubs can utilise text message marketing to keep both fans and players up to date with any team or club news. For professional teams, this could include new player signings or fixture announcements, and similarly, local organisations could announce upcoming games.


Charity Events

Many professional and local teams host charity events through the season to raise money for good causes. Events can be promoted through bulk text messages sent via our TextCampaign service, to both players and fans. Think about your call to action when sending your message. You can include a shortened URL link to a page on your site to either purchase tickets or to read further details about your fundraising campaign. If you want people to donate money then you include a link to this or utilise a short code and keyword. Read more on how to create a successful charitable campaign here.


Ticket Sales

Many sporting areas such as football will run a number of live sporting events for people to watch.For professional clubs and some local clubs, tickets occasionally go on sale very early in the morning. Send a bulk SMS reminder to your team players and fans to let them know when tickets are on sale so they don’t miss out. For those who purchase a ticket, this is the time when you can collect their mobile number in order to let them know of further events.



There are often when matches need to be postponed or cancelled, due to poor weather, fixture clashes or another reason. Ensure your database is kept up to date and let your players and fans know about sudden changes, the earlier, the better!


Weather Advice

For local teams, games may often be played in less than ideal pitch conditions. If the weather has been particularly bad, why not let spectators know the field is in a bad state so that they might need some wellies or other appropriate footwear, and perhaps an umbrella! People are more likely to attend to matches when they are given the correct advise - supplying real time information is something sporting fans are looking for.


Score Alerts/Commentary

Many fans will be keen to keep up to speed with the latest score results and commentary, especially if they’re unable to watch the match. Send score alerts or analysis for any key events throughout a game to keep fans up to date, though make sure if users decide to opt-out.Rest assured we offer a free opt-out service, for more information on marketing rules check out ICO.


Throughout the season most sporting teams will both partake in various competitions. Keep fans up to date with any games their team have got through to including draw details, and use this as an opportunity to let them know when they can get their hands on tickets!


With the Euro's 2016 on its way and other sporting events this year ensure mobile is fully implemented in your marketing and communication strategy! For more information on text-message marketing and how it could be used to benefit your sports club, contact us on 0845 122 1302 or email


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Mobile Marketing

New TextSurvey Enhancements

by Marketing 26. May 2016 09:35

Over the last several months our developer team at TextAnywhere have been working hard on a new product update on TextSurvey. With 95% of people saying they would respond to a Text Survey request and studies show that 500% of people respond to a text survey more than an email survey - SMS surveys are more prominent than ever. This is why we have invested the time to enhance our current Text Survey platform for you, making your user experience better than it already was. With these exciting additional features, gaining valuable client feedback has become not only easier but more detailed than before. 

We asked Mike Kemp who is our Senior Developer a few questions in regards to the new product, the obstacles that were faced and information about the new additional features...

Why did the technical team decide that Text Survey needed an update?

While we were extremely happy with the initial releases of TextSurvey we always felt it could offer more. One of the main shortcomings was that creating complex surveys with multiple paths became tough with the standard editor, so we decided to take the next step and add a fully featured drag and drop interface. This interface makes complex surveys very easy to follow, maintain and create.

What is your favourite feature from the upcoming product update?

That is tough one to answer! I like all the new features with the mini-map being one of them but my favourite has to be the auto redraw function, which comes in very handy when you’ve added new questions and categories and have lots of overlapping arrows; the redraw sorts all this out for you.

How will clients benefit from the new product enhancements?

The new features will allow existing customers to see their surveys in a whole new way visually and hopefully, make it easier for everyone to create more engaging surveys and collect more meaningful data from their target audience.

Why should clients use Text Survey? 

As we all know text messages have a very high engagement rate and TextSurvey allows our customers to create everything from a simple 2 question survey all the way up to a text-based IVR system. All this is backed up with comprehensive reports and supported by a well-documented API for developers to use.

When will the new release be launched and will it be to all clients?

The new update will be released to all customers and we are anticipating the start date over the next upcoming month!


Don’t just take our word for it, if you haven't already make sure you check out TextSurvey and test it yourself today! Ensure you are subscribed to our mailing list so you are first to hear about our launch date and exciting giveaway we are launching to clients subscribed to our mailing list.

For more information on when to personalise your mobile marketing campaigns, contact us today on 0845 122 1302 or email

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