10 Tips to Increase Your Mobile Engagement

by Admin 1. July 2014 09:30

Marketing and advertising used to be one-way streets, but that has all changed. Now marketing is all about engagement, involving the customer in the process; but that's easier said than done.

TextAnywhere has based its business on engaging the end-user with innovative SMS Marketing solutions that keep your customers coming back for more. More than simply a text messaging service, TextAnywhere is a mobile engagement platform that, used correctly, can help you forge closer relationships with your customers – and find new ones.

Here are 10 tips to increase the engagement on your next text message marketing campaign.

1. Give them something, now!

An offer is still the best form of SMS marketing. You know that, major companies do it every day. Did you know it's best to put the offer in the first few words, though? Don't bury it in the back end of the message, if it's 50% off then lead with that.

2. Use personalisation tokens

Personalisation tokens insert the prospect's name in to the text. It might seem a small thing to you, but it builds a rapport over what could be a faceless medium and increases the chance of engagement. 

3. Make it exclusive

Send them a code, or make the show the text, and watch your engagement levels soar. You've presented a call to action and offered them something exclusive at the same time. You've invited them in to a club. That makes a difference.

4. Use segmentation

Profiling is a critical part of any marketing campaign. Use it and send different messages to each demographic. 

5. Sell yourself properly

SMS marketing is a unique medium, but the basic rules apply. Sell your offer, use big words like “unforgettable”, “best offer ever”, and more. You're in marketing, it's no time to be a wallflower. With such a limited chance to make a big impression you need to go big or go home. 


Text message marketing needs to grab the attention, fast. Big capital letters on your key points work. 

7. Prize draws

They might seem old hat, but prize draws work. They're easier than a competition, will engage your readers and, at the very least, show who is opening your messages and who is receptive to SMS marketing. 

8. Use your company name

Sounds obvious doesn't it? But every SMS marketer has sent at least one message without mentioning the company name. Don't make that rookie mistake.

9. Make it a free response

People don't like paying to text you back. They absolutely don't like premium charges, it sounds like a scam. If your offer does include a premium rate, be up front, but avoid it like the plague as it will decimate your response. 

10. Analyse your data and experiment

You need to know the best time to send your SMS marketing. So analyse your response rates, change the time and analyse again. Every business is different and every campaign has its own nuances. You owe it to yourself to find them.

For more information on how to improve your mobile marketing engagement rate, or whether you need some advice on effective SMS marketing, feel free to call our Customer Services team on 08451 221 302 or email welcome@textanywhere.net


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How to use SMS Text Messages from your Email

by Admin 26. June 2014 10:00

First of all, let’s go through what SMPT actually stands for. SMPT is a Text Message Marketing service which is short for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, a protocol for sending e-mail messages between servers. You can set up your account with TextAnywhere by choosing one of our four email domains to send a message to the mail server, and the mail server uses SMTP to relay that message to the correct receiving mail server. This service can be used to send out bulk online SMS to customers you wish to engage with, whether you wish to receive replies from the customer or not.

To use this online SMS service, you just send the email address you wish to use to TextAnywhere, addressed to the recipient phone numbers at one of our domain names, with the message body in the email subject and/or body. Once this is swiftly processed we receive the email and send it out as a text message to the recipients. This is a very simple and effective way of adding text-messaging to an existing application. 

There are a number of routes you can take to personalise and adapt a text messaging service that suites you and your business. Firstly, choose which one of our four email domains suit your needs, the options are as following:

sms.textapp.net - Up to 459 characters of with a reply-path number to enable a recipient to reply

smsid.textapp.net - Up to 459 characters with your choice of Originator taken from the first 11 characters of your email’s subject

sms160.textapp.net - Up to 160 characters of your email sent out as one regular-length SMS, with a reply-path number to enable a recipient to reply

sms160id.textapp.net - Up to 160 characters sent out as one regular-length SMS, with your choice of Originator taken from the first 11 characters of your email’s subject

To further customise your business text messaging service, you can opt in to receive optional delivery confirmations back in to your application. A benefit of this text service is that you can secure the service with optional PIN settings for each of your recipients to ensure safety. Further security can be provided by locking down the IP addresses that we accept emails from. After applying these setting and sending your messages out, depending on whether you wish to opt in for replies, you should receive the response message sent to either the sms.textapp.net or sms160.textapp.net domains. Any text message reply is converted to an email by the SMS Gateway and then sent back to your original sending email address.

For more information on how you can send SMS Messages from your email, please contact our Customer Service team.


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8 Reasons to Start Using SMS Services Today

by Admin 23. June 2014 12:30

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to start an SMS campaign with an automated texting service. 

SMS services are becoming more and more popular with businesses big and small, and are also used for events and public services such as school announcements via email to SMS. 

Whether it’s SMS marketing, business text messaging, or just communicating to your existing customer base, chances are you could benefit from this efficient way of getting your message out there.

If you’re still not convinced, here are eight reasons you could benefit from a text messaging service:

1) Affordable

Text message marketing provides an easy, cheap way of spreading your message to a wide audience, at the cost of just pennies per message, depending on the text service you go for.

2) High ROI

SMS marketing is proven to achieve tangible results. Say you’re a restaurant owner who has managed to collect a list of opt-in phone numbers from 100 of your customers. You can then send out an SMS shortcode message to these customers with the offer of a free starter or dessert with any meal. If only 20 people decide to redeem your code, that’s worth the money spent.

3) High open rates

Did you know that around 95 per cent of text messages are opened and read? This will get you better results than emails, which are only opened around 25 per cent of the time.

4) Instant marketing

With a text service you don’t have to worry about low open rates, attracting website hits or paying for postage – and your message arrives in seconds.

5) Opt-in 

Most text messaging services are opt-in, so you’re only messaging people who have expressed an interest in hearing from you. This can be achieved by texting an SMS shortcode or signing up online. Sending ‘STOP’ will automatically remove them from the list. 

6) It’s concise

Because text messages are so short, you’re limited to 160 characters. This is a good thing, as you can be straight to the point.

7) Most people use SMS

If you want to keep up with the competition, take note; because if you’re not using this method of communication, you can guarantee your competitors will be.

8) Environmentally friendly

Not only can you drive sales and attention using an email to SMS gateway, it’s also green and good for the environment – what’s not to love?

For more information on how text services can help your business, contact TextAnywhere today.

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Using TextAnywhere for the Automobile Industry

by Admin 19. June 2014 10:30

TextAnywhere’s services can pretty much be used in any business for any situation which involves engaging with your customer database and notifying them with any information. The automobile industry is rapidly evolving in scope and reach, both with new technology, new models, even ways in which people shop for their cars and much, much more. In order to keep up with these changes and keep your customers involved with these updates, offers and news happening within your business, TextAnywhere is able to bridge the communication gap.  

For instance using TextAnywhere’s TextCampaign scheme lets car dealers, traders, manufacturers and mechanics simply gather their database of members and send out a bulk SMS message to all customers that will reach their mobile phones within seconds. There are many reasons for implementing this service. For example keeping track of your customers in regards to which group purchased which vehicle allows for segmented and targeted message send outs regarding that particular model and the enquiry around it.  If there is an offer on free insurance for a specific model for a limited period only, the SMS message can be sent out instantly to those specific car owners, offering this deal.

Another way in which the Automobile industry can benefit from using SMS marketing is if there is a launch for a new model of vehicle coming out. This can be used create a hype around the launch as well as a different means of announcing it. These can be sent out to any number of recipients depending on what works for you and your business. The customers receiving these messages can respond to the texts accordingly and instantly. These will be sent back to your email inbox.

The automobile industry could also benefit from using other SMS services that TextAnywhere provides to contact their customers. This service is called TextInbound. This particular package would provide your business with a unique 11-digit phone number that will allow your customers to get in touch directly with you, not only by text message. This service can be used to remind customers they need to renew their insurance, if their MOT is coming up for renewal as well as any discounts etc. that your business is currently offering. TextAnywhere texts messaging service, when used correctly, are secure and confidential, a bonus for both you and your customers.

For more information on how TextAnywhere’s range of SMS products can help to improve your marketing campaign for your business, please visit our website or call our Customer Service team on 08451 221 302.


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Pubs Drive Customers via SMS Marketing for the World Cup

by Admin 16. June 2014 10:00

The football season may now be over in the UK, but this summer we still have the drama and excitement of the World Cup to look forward to. Taking place between June 12th and July 13th, this four yearly-tournament will see Brazil hosting national football teams from all over the globe who will be battling it out to become world champions.

Pubs all over the UK will be competing to draw in customers - especially for our own games: as we all know, televised sporting events bring in high takings for pub landlords. If you're looking to raise awareness of the fact that you're showing the games and want to draw a crowd, then SMS marketing may well be a great way to do so.

Pub SMS messaging is an easy way to reach existing customers who have opted in for contact from your pub brand. It allows you to send targeted SMS offers and messages to let customers know what you are up to - and unlike email marketing, SMS messaging avoids the risk of your messages ending up being marked as spam and never being seen.

SMS marketing is a cost-effective way of getting in touch with customers who have specifically signed up to hear from you: a captive audience. By signing up for text messages from you, they're expecting you to let them know what's happening at your pub - and that includes information about big events such as the World Cup.

Sending SMS messages to your customers not only puts you top of mind when they're looking for somewhere to watch World Cup matches, but it gives you a chance to offer exclusive discounts or other offers to those coming in to watch the games too. You could offer exclusive table bookings, free items or discounted food or drink to the customers on your text message distribution list: a sure fire way of making them feel valued.

Ultimately, SMS messaging is an instant, easy way to gain the attention of your customers - figures show that 97% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes. It's a more affordable approach to marketing when compared with traditional print and radio advertising, and it's a great way to stand out from the crowd by contacting a customer base that you already know wants to hear from you.

For more information on how TextAnywhere can help you with your SMS Marketing campaigns, please visit our website, or call our Customer Service Team on +44 (0) 8451 221 302.

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How to Build an Effective Database

by Admin 12. June 2014 11:00

In recent years the communication channels to customers and potential clients have multiplied. Instead of simple letter or phone call, we now have email, web forms and text messaging. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook also provide new ways to interact with your customers. SMS marketing is particularly effective. Mobile phones have almost 100% market penetration and most of us have our phones to hand almost 24 hours a day.

Using a text messaging service, then, is a great way to communicate with customers but you must have an effective strategy to build a database for your text message marketing campaigns. Here are five ways to build a database for business text messaging.

1) Make it simple

Make sure your customers know exactly how to sign up for your SMS services. Make it a prominent feature on websites and all communications and don’t over-complicate the process. Make sure you take every opportunity to sign them up.

2) Give them a reason

There are regulations which prevent prospects being contacted for marketing purposes without their express consent. You must therefore provide people with a compelling reason to sign up with your business text messaging service. Think about special offers, exclusive deal or just ways that it will make your customer’s life that bit easier.

3) Use your text service to extend your offering

Using text to remind customers about appointments or other useful information makes it natural for them to want to sign up and allows your automated texting service to become an integral part of your business model, rather than a marketing-only intrusion. 

4) Collect mobile data at every opportunity

Whenever and however a prospect contacts your company, make sure to ask for mobile data. Be honest about how you will use it and sell the benefits of SMS shortcode communications.

5) Use referrals

A referral is just about the best type of marketing you could get. People love sharing information about offers and an email to SMS campaign makes it easy to communicate special deals. An email to SMS gateway allows two way communications, so you can collect info from interested clients.

For more information on TextAnywhere products and services, please visit our website, or call our Customer Service team on 08451 221 302.


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The History of the Text Message

by Admin 6. June 2014 11:30

For the average person, text messaging is part of everyday life so it’s hard to think of a time without text messages and instant communication with friends, family, colleagues, clients and customers.

In this blog we explore the history of the humble text message, and why it’s become the so important in everyday life.

• The first ever SMS message was on 3 December 1992, when Neil Papworth, a 22-year-old test engineer used his PC to text a friend “Merry Christmas”.

• In 1994 Radiolinja (a Finnish GSM operator) became the first network to provide personal mobile to mobile SMS text messaging.

• In 1995 another network (Telecom Finland) also started to offer text messages as part of their service, so for the first time, there was cross-network SMS functionality.

• In 1996 Omnipoint Communications offered American’s the chance to use SMS. After this revalation, Omnipoint Communications were the first to offer texting between the US and the rest of the world

Since then, we haven’t looked back, as text messaging began to grow across the globe to become the most widely used mobile data service (with approximately 80% of all Europeans using SMS).

As mobiles have become more advanced over the years, the capabilities of SMS and SMS marketing has advanced. Businesses are now able to send URL links within their campaigns and track the success of each message. Technology has allowed us to send bulk messages for marketing or communications purposes, allowing for a streamlined, cost effective strategy to improve engagement and leads.

At TextAnywhere we offer a wide range of different SMS products, or every objective and need. Feel free to visit our website for a full list of products, alternatively, if you would like to speak to one of our Customer Service teams, please call 08451 221 302.

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The Benefits of SMS for Estate Agents and Rental Agencies

by Admin 2. June 2014 10:30

The usage of SMS services and marketing has increased in the property sector in the last few years, however some agencies are still not benefitting from all this service has to offer.

The goal of using SMS and text messaging is to create a database of potential buyers, sellers and tenants, which an agency can use for the marketing of their products as well as advising of promotions, open houses and to generally promote their brand in this competitive market.  

Most people are happy to leave a mobile number, all of which contributes to the size and effectiveness of the database.  This opt-in service attracts a niche audience which is keenly interested to receive information in this manner.

Many agencies now offer the chance to request property details via text service which also adds to the size of the database, ie: Text ‘House14’ to 60090 for full details of this property.   All of the properties on an agent’s book can be assigned a different name and with the use of an SMS short code, a potential buyer or tenant can be provided with the property details in a fast effective manner, with a saving on time and cost for the agency.  This automated texting service enables house hunters to request and receive property information 24/7.

Agencies can use all of the contacts and other information they have obtained to create effective low cost marketing campaigns.  Whether it is the promotion of an open house, advising of a reduction in price of a property or a general agency promotion, SMS marketing is a great tool to use alongside traditional methods; for example "'We have lots of students looking for accommodation now, please text ‘STUDENT’ TO 60090 to arrange a call back?"

Text messaging has also been adopted by property professionals for use as an effective communication tool.  Viewing appointment reminders have been shown to reduce the amount of ‘no shows’ which are of course frustrating and time wasting.  Tenants can be reminded of maintenance work appointments and progress which assists in customer service and negates angry workmen.  Polite rental reminders, such as "Viewing arranged at: 3 Cottage Crescent, Guildford, GU14 6SN.  Thursday 3th July 13 at 14:00 please meet Reggie at the front gate", also work well for both agency and tenant alike.

SMS marketing is a proven tool for property professionals and is very likely to grow in popularity in the coming years.  The property market remains very competitive and agencies not adopting SMS may have a lesser overall marketing impact than their competitors.  Kindly prompters to interested buyers, such as "the final apartments at the very popular ‘Glades Development’ overlooking Dartmouth Harbour are to be released this month, please call to arrange viewing", may very well put you one step ahead of the competition.

For more information on how TextAnywhere can help you drive your business communications, please contact our Customer Service team who will be happy to help you.

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10 Facts Why Mobile Marketing is Important

by Admin 28. May 2014 12:20

We have collected 10 big facts to illustrate the importance of mobile marketing. Whether your business is looking to target customers through SMS messaging or mobile internet based banner advertising, mobile marketing is growing and becoming more effective. 

1. There are approximately 7 billion people in the world. Half of these have smart phones where they can (and will) receive SMS marketing, as well as have access the mobile web. (Eric Schmidt MWC Feb. 2012).

2. 51% of the UK population have a smart phone (Our Mobile Planet).

3. 29% of mobile users are open to scanning a mobile tag to get coupons (HubSpot). That’s nearly a third of all mobile users that are able to use QR codes. 

4. Audiences are becoming more interactive and less passive, as over 300,000 apps have been developed in the last 3 years (Digital Buzz Blog).

5. Amazingly, there are more devices on the planet that connect to the internet, than there are people living on it! (AllTwitter) – So like many other consumers and professionals who have laptops, they probably have a tablet and 2 mobiles. There are more ways to connect to an audience, so make sure that your marketing plan accesses each device.

6. More and more of your internet time is being spent on a mobile device. It has been found that the average tablet user spends 13.9 hours per week with the device (HubSpot).

7. Research has been carried out and it seems that mobile devices may be the device of choice. Morgan Stanley’s report suggests there will be a rapid evolution of internet access, with more mobile purchases rather than PC purchases.

8. Google are investing in mobile search, with new developments in technology. Google translate, Cross platform tracking, Google Shopper and Google Now are all new products aimed to improve the mobile experience. Learn more about Google’s Mobile Search

9. 78% of the UK population do not leave their house without their mobile phone, making mobile marketing a reliable method of penetration for customers on the go. (Our Mobile Planet)

10. SMS produces engagement rates 6 to 8 times higher than email (Cellit). Not only is it an effective marketing strategy, but it also environmentally friendly and cost effective. For more information on how SMS marketing is environmentally friendly and its benefits within mobile marketing, please read our blog.

Alternatively feel free to contact TextAnywhere on 0845 122 1302 or email welcome@textanywhere.net


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Eight Things to Know About Short Codes

by Admin 1. May 2014 10:00

Short codes allow businesses to create a convenient way for clients and potential customers to get in touch with them. Short codes are also a great way to set up text subscription services as well as text-in votes, quizzes and competitions. Here we will explore eight things you need to know about short codes.

1. When setting up your short code you have two options: dedicated or shared short code. Dedicated short codes are only used by you, allowing you to use any and as many keywords as you like. Shared short codes are cheaper; each company sharing the short code will have to use a different keyword so that they only receive texts for their campaigns and no-one else’s

2. When people text in to your short code number, they are charged at their standard network rate and replies they receive from you will be free

3. Alternatively, you can set up a premium text campaign, which will charge people to text into your short code, or to receive messages from you

4. You will need to promote your short code to get clients and potential new customers to text in. Popular ways to do this include publishing the short code on your company website or promoting through mediums such as email marketing, online banner adverts, press and print adverts or outdoor posters, billboards and leaflets. Larger companies have also promoted their short codes on T.V. and Radio

5. When choosing your keyword you need to keep in mind that it should be short and easy to remember. Popular examples of keywords are INFO, WIN and YES – your keyword should relate to your offering

6. When promoting your short code, you will need to provide full disclosure on any charges that will be made to individuals’ texting in, even if the charge will only be at their standard network rate. Also, if you will be sending them messages in the future you will need to state that their phone number will be added to your mailing list

7. Once people have texted in to your short code number, you have the option to send them a message back straight away; this can be used as a confirmation of their entry to a competition or sign-up to a subscription service, or as a welcome message – it is not essential to send replies depending on your offering

8. When setting up text subscription services, or if you add individuals phone numbers to your mailing list for future text campaigns, you are required by law to provide an opt-out option, the easiest way to manage this is to allow customers to text STOP to your short code number to get them added to your opt-out list

To find out more about short code SMS campaigns please visit our TextPremium page, or contact a member of our Customer Service Team on 08451 221 302, or email us at welcome@textanywhere.net.

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